Beautycon NYC 2016

10/18/2016 | Best Blogger Tips
At Beautycon, one girl took the microphone to solely as me a question. She said she had been following me since the beginning of my career and said she's seen me evolve and have so much success. She asked me how did I keep going when so many brands said no to me along the way. What kept me going and how did I do it basically. There was such a time limit that I wasn't able to answer elaborately. My detailed answer is I saw a vision for me and my life. It was bigger than what most people thought I was capable of. I, in a way, had to convince these brands I was worth it, even though I already knew I was. When I want something, I work really really hard to get it and I'm very persistent. No one could tell me no and make me fully give up on what I want for myself and my future. Every time something got rough I would remind myself of how far I've already come, what was the point of working so hard this far to just throw it all away?

Wearing: Public Desire thigh high boots
Marc Jacobs mens shirt
light wash denim jacket
Oversized hoop earrings
Distressed denim shorts


There were some brands that said I wasn't wholesome enough, or I was too street style, or I was too big, or too blunt, or whatever. But I always told myself if one brand doesn't want to work with me, there will always be someone who does. I told myself all of this is happening for a reason. One day I'll be able to look back and see why this was happening. Every single thing any of us do in life, is just another step for what's next to come. If it was a set back for me, I learned from it and used it to my advantage next time around. I would take negative situations and find the positives in them. I never wanted to play the victim. There were brands out there that wouldn't even respond to me, but when I got one response back, I put my all in to it and built relationships with them.


I kept going because there were more reasons to keep going than to give up. I wanted to be here on this Earth for a purpose bigger than myself. I want to be able to help people in any way possible. Having a job that I can help people feel good about themselves is incredibly rewarding. I wanted to change how the world perceives what is beautiful and not. I want to be financially stable because I was tired of wondering if I'll be evicted or not. I wanted to provide for my parents who had already given so much to me in my 20 something years here. I saw something in me that not a lot of people could recognize.

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Ruby Red

10/18/2016 | Best Blogger Tips
I love writing for The Cut. It's another platform for me to express myself, just in a bigger way. I recently moderated a conversation with 9 other curvy models about some of the issues they face in the fashion industry. We also spoke about what "perfect" really means to them. You guys can check out all of the other model's photos and watch the videos over at The Cut! I had such an amazing time with these beautiful, driven models. I saw how many similar frustrations we all face but we all had a bigger picture goal in mind.

Check it out HERE!


Gwynnie Bee

10/17/2016 | Best Blogger Tips
A few months ago I flew to New York to team up with Gwynnie Bee. I really enjoyed making these videos with them because I'm all for women really stepping out of their comfort zones, especially with clothes. I always chose to wear things I felt like I couldn't pull off. It was a way of convincing myself and building confidence. I really believe you can pull off anything you set your mind to. The team at Gwynnie Bee was really just so amazing and it was great working with Sasha who is such a beam of light.

Cubicle to Cocktail
I mentioned this a few previous posts ago on how easy it can be to transition a look from day to night or from work to going out, in other words, Cubicle to Cocktail. I was telling the Gwynnie Bee team how much I love the fact that they carry so many different brands because it gives such a variety to choose from. The more there is to choose from, the more there is for every type of girl. I've always said I dress according to how I feel that day. There's so many women out there with so many different styles and personalities so it's important there's a place for them all to go to have that. I found this gorgeous red dress that goes super easy from day to night. I paired it with some ALDO ankle strap heels. Check out the video on Gwynnie Bee!

Prints & Patterns
I think it's exciting to experiment with prints and patterns. Over the years I've become very minimal so it's always fun to go back sometimes. If you're a little scared to try them at first, do what I did and match your shoes with a subtle color from your look. I chose to wear a deeper pink to pull out the pattern instead of a pale pink which was the color of my top. I like getting tops oversized and wearing them as dresses. Check out the video at Gwynnie Bee!

Dressing for Your Body
If anyone knows me they know that I literally wear and style things however I want without really any rules. I do think there are certain looks that can accentuate different bodies. I talk to Sasha about how I'm more bottom heavy so I like cinching my waist or bringing attention to my favorite body parts, like my butt and legs. Check out the video over at Gwynnie Bee!

Fitting Undergarments
I know many women ask me how to fit bras and shapewear, although I don't want any shapewear and barely even wear bras, Gwynnie Bee did this super informational video that is definitely needed. I hope this video will answer all of your questions! Check out the video at Gwynnie Bee!