Spring is finally here! I teamed up with JCPenney to show you my favorite trends this Spring. There are so many on-trend pieces at JCP that it's hard to choose from! What's better than wearing almost all white to bring in Spring? I'm really in to redefining tops. My first take on redefining tops was wearing sweatshirts and oversized men's shirts as dresses with heels or sneakers. But now I like off the shoulder tops and bold shoulder looks. It can change the look of an outfit instantly. JCP has so many other stunning tops but I really love the ruffles along the wrist and neckline of this Belle & Sky top. I snatched my all white short shorts from Nicole by Nicole Miller to keep the all white look going. I incorporated a blush block heel to complete my look. Blush has been a major color for some time now so it's only right and it also goes so well with my baby blue purse. I've also been adding more and more block heels to my closet because I can run all of my errands without having to sacrifice my comfort. You guys can shop my look below all at JCP!

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“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Finally got around to shooting some pictures in some of my By Nadia Aboulhosn looks. I obsessed with layering, even corsets. If it's not with something skin tight then it's with an oversized top. Pretty sure I've also had these lace up heels for two years now and it's only the second time I'm wearing them. orchard corsets has some really dope ones and they also have ones that come in plus size.

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I love getting comfy. I got the oversized camo pants from Target. They're not really oversized fit, I just buy them a few sizes larger than what I really am in the men's section so they'd fit baggy. I laughed when I saw Bad Meaning Good had this top because every time I get in an argument I start with, "I JUST THINK IT'S FUNNY HOW..." haha. Anyways, I can come on here and keep apologizing for my absence but it's really because I've been focusing on my clothing line ByNadiaAboulhosn. It takes up a lot more time than I could ever imagine so blogging gets put to the side momentarily until I can keep up with life. xx


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9I5A7545 9I5A7502 9I5A7483 9I5A7513
“Whether you’re 9 or 90, stop trying to fix the things you’re bad at, and focus on the things you’re good at.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Getting back to basics for me is what I've been working on. Whenever I don't feel much like myself I spend hours watching Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk. A few times a year I get super uninspired, don't really feel the best about myself, don't feel like I'm working enough, or just don't feel I have something to look forward to. I was like that for maybe 2 weeks and then yesterday I threw myself in to work and now can't stop. I don't really focus on what I'm bad at because I usually don't waste my time but I think I forgot how good I was at certain things. Thank God for Facebook memory recaps on the top of my feed every morning because it reminds me of how much I've accomplished 6-7 years ago to now. I'm going to be getting back to my basic old ways and remember what works for me. On another note, I'm wearing my Christine knit dress. It's named after my mom who is top on the list of favorite humans in the world. Something about knit just reminds me of her. Probably because she's warm and soft. Love you mom. xo

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I haven't been blogging much ever since I moved full time to LA. My blog sort of took backseat to my clothing line. I'm working on being more consistent here again. This is probably my favorite piece I designed from the first release of my collection. I named it after my sister Alya. I chose to do it in a champagne rose color and also ivory. I have another shoot I'm doing tomorrow for the next 5 pieces I designed. Can't wait for you guys to see. It's pretty dope having my pieces in features though. So far Allure and The Cut wrote on it. Check them out!


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Whenever I get busy I dream of going on vacation. I was looking back at pictures from when I visited Iceland a few months back. They have the most beautiful and vivid terrain. This was literally on the same street we were staying at. Everywhere you looked was beautiful. Also I saw my friend wearing this dolo by myself hat and got it from his friend who owns the brand Wear Finale. They have some dope stuff, check them out. My jeans only look this distressed because I've had them for over 3 years and literally still wear them. It feels like I'm not really wearing pants when I wear them so that's always a plus. I know I'm a fashion blogger and all but can I just wear jeans, sneakers, and hoodies with hats so I don't have to do my hair forever?


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I always think it’s important to stay active. Earlier this year when I landed the cover of Women’s Running Magazine, I would stress how important it is. Most of my job has to do with sitting down for long periods of time and staring at a computer mentally working instead of physically working. I make it a point to get out and do as much as possible. Being active is really a lifestyle for me. It doesn’t mean going to the gym 24/7 but instead just getting out and doing regular day activities. I might also be the only person who canceled their gym membership at the beginning of this year to go and do more outside activities. I teamed up with JCPenney to show you guys two looks for athleisure wear. If I’m not at home working on emails, then I’m out taking my dog Ziggy for walks and runs around the neighborhood so he can fake growl at other dogs and never do anything. My most active go-to look is a tight pair of leggings like these Nike ones I got from JCPenney (they have everything you need for activewear there), an oversized bright blue Nike hoodie, paired with a comfortable pair of running shoes, also from JCP. It’s extremely easy shopping at JCPenney because they have so much name brand items that you can pull an entire Nike look from them and still have other options. It’s #SoWorthIt
I like mixing athleisure pieces. Sweatpants are everything in this world and I’m saying that because you can lounge in them, you can run in them, you can squat easily and lift things up in them. They’re my go to for comfort leisure. When I have errands I’m all over the place whether it’s grocery shopping, running to the post office to drop packages, or meeting up with someone for a quick lunch. I threw on a cute form fitting red Bisou Bisou bodysuit with a loose pair of Xersion sweatpants, a structured bison bison moto jacket, and high ponytail because it’s easy. I try to make my athleisure wear comfortable and stylish.

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