A Snack

How has everyone been feeling with everything going on? I've been trying to find little things to do to continue feeling better throughout the day, week, month, whatever. One of them is just getting dressed up and getting cute to have dinner with my boo. Every month, Junior and I have tried to do a little "getaway", even if it's in the same town. We just book an AirBnB for a day to wind down and spend real time together. I got this Femme Luxe dress to wear to our little dinner together. I usually get their comfy loungewear too for when we're just chilling around. Their monochrome looks with joggers are my go-to. Is there anything you guys do to make yourself feel better during all of this? It's also okay to not be okay. Just a reminder. x Photo Jul 27, 11 32 33 PM

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