Gabi S4A

EEEEKK! I'm always so excited whenever I get a chance to shoot with Gabi for her Swimsuits4All collection. Really just excited whenever I get to see and spend time with her. About 7 years ago, Gabi had myself and Maxey shoot with her in Brooklyn for her first ever Swimsuits 4 All collection. We're back again all the years later to shoot again for this drop. I love how minimal all the suits are. Gabi's also a Virgo so it's fun being on set with her because it's like watching myself lmfao. I also really don't have a favorite for this collection because they're all my favorite. I'm wearing a size 16 in the suits. I typically wear a size 14 in everything else so whatever size you are, size up one! xx


02_Venture_661408_Triple_849 10_Scorcher_661405_Triple_195 13_Neon_Triple_067 09_Quest_642411BK_154 05_Cargo_Wonderstruck_Memento_Triple_323 05_Cargo_Wonderstruck_Memento_Triple_204 12_642413BK_089

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