Spring Dresses

When FTF and I were shooting this yellow dress, I couldn't stop saying "I'm Belle in this bitch"...channeling my inner Beauty and The Beast. Also, sitting on a ledge with one buttcheeks big as mine, is more difficult than it looks lol. This front tie purple dress flows so beautifully. The arms are sheer which I really love. My favorite out of all of these dresses though is this twist white t-shirt like dress. It's sold out at FTF but I found a similar one over at ASOS. It's perfect for Spring/Summer.

Photo Feb 11, 4 31 15 PM

Photo Feb 11, 1 43 09 PM Photo Feb 11, 1 40 40 PM Photo Feb 11, 4 11 09 PM Photo Feb 11, 4 07 19 PM

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