Every once in a while I do Instagram Q&A'S and my top questions have to do with beauty/skincare, workouts, or relationship advice. Which to me, is pretty crazy considering most days I barely wear make up and I dated 238492834 fuck boys and now finally in a good relationship lol. Either way, I wanted to start answering your questions in actual blog posts because my stories erase in 24 hours. Below I gathered some of my favorite lip glosses. It's one of your top asked questions.

Photo Jan 04, 3 46 40 AM I'm in love with Tatcha. One of my facial ladies in L.A. put me on to them and I swear by them now. I literally wear this Tatcha Lip Balm every single time I get out the shower. I know you guys are probably thinking, "you're wild if you think I'm gonna buy $30 lip balm." But I'm telling you, it's EVERYTHING. Especially if you live in cold weather or your lips tend to peel.

Side note: I can't stop wearing glitter lip gloss. My favorite goes without saying...FENTY gloss bomb. Duh. Okay I love a salve-like balm and my two favorites of those are Glossier's Balm DotCom and Aerie's cbd-infused MOOD lip salve. No, it's not going to get you high, the cbd works to create a calming effect. Jr's been stealing mine so I had to order a few different scents.

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