On The Move

I've been on the move this Fashion Week. Can you believe I've left the house 2 days in a row, going on 3? Who am I even? LOL. To be honest, this fashion week I've toned down my looks some, keeping it more simple and easy to move around. It could be the weather and the heat that's been stopping me from pulling out less simple looks. My jeans are from Universal Standard. I'm wearing a size 12. You can get the exact ones HERE! I cut a little slit in the side of each leg just because. How cute is this little cardigan top? It's also from US and you can get it HERE.

I’m so honored to be a part of Universal Standard's #FashionFreedom campaign that truly stands by the motto of All of Us. As we are. Anywhere. I was always asked how I was able to be so confident, especially around others. My answer every time is that fashion really helped me build confidence. It helped me express myself and regardless of my size, I feel it’s incredibly important to live in the moment whatever journey you’re on. This subway campaign really embodies that and I’m truly grateful. US is a brand that has changed the fashion industry with their size range 00-40, but they also have something called Fit Liberty. I first learned about it when I went to their NY office 2 years back. Anything you purchase is eligible for a one-year size exchange. Coming from someone who fluctuates in sizes quite often, it’s extremely life-changing.

Nadia Subway 3

Nadia Subway 1 Nadia Subway 4 Nadia Subway 2

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