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IT'S FINALLY HERE! My capsule collection with Fashion to Figure launches today and I'm sitting here sweating while I type this. I mean, sweaty hands, sweaty underboobs, all of it. This collection consists of thigh-high boots for thicky thick legs, bad bitch accessories, and more.

You know what's funny. I want to tell this story about me and FTF. In early 2012, when I first moved up North, I was living in NJ for a month until I landed an apartment in Harlem. FTF had a store inside a NJ mall and I went there to apply for an assistant manager position. I only moved up North with $1,000 that I saved while working at a little Middle Eastern restaurant in the food court while in Florida. So, I needed to find a job ASAP. I had landed a different job in NYC RIGHT before FTF reached out for me to come in for an interview. It's so wild to think in 2012 I applied for a job there, literally could have been an assistant manager at one of their stores, and now I have my own capsule collection with them years later. The Universe really does work in mysterious ways. Foreshadowing at its finest. The world was trying to give me clues like...BITCH, WORK HARD AND WE'LL SET YOU UP. LMAO

Either way, this collection has been a DREAM to design. The team at FTF is really so creative, patient, hard workers, and they truly make things happen. All of the heels are wide width and the thigh-high boots are wide width AND wide calf. I've always had difficulties finding thigh high boots that fit me right. It would always be such a let down when shopping. I knew if I had this problem, so many of you did too. Which was obvious because whenever I'd shimmy myself into a pair, I'd get hundreds of comments like WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?! Sometimes I'd even cut a slit in the back upper thigh and then put a little string in the back to make it look like it was made that way. I'm a finesser. What can I say?

Everything is either shoes, or accessories, except for ONE piece of actual clothing. I designed a cute little long sleeve bodysuit romper with a draped back. It's super stretch and comfy. It goes so well will with all of the thigh high boots. It's perfect for a club situation, a dinner situation, or just to be cute situation.

On another note: I really can't wait to hear all of your feedback. I'm dying for you all to get your stuff so that I can see all of your pictures and repost them. Nothing feels better to me, honestly, than seeing all of you guys feeling like you're THAT BITCH (because you are) while wearing my stuff. We made hair pins that say THAT BITCH and even the inside of my shoe boxes say REMINDER: YOU'RE THAT BITCH. I mean, because you are, DUH. Okay, last but not least, I just want to say thank you so much to FTF and thank you to all of you who have continuously supported me. I love you all. xx


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