My Favorite Denim Shorts

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The weather is warming up (slightly), in NY at least, which means Summer Summer Summer time is coming. I just got back last week from L.A. where I ended up staying an entire month instead of the ONE week I was suppose to be there just because I didn't want to go back to the cold weather here in NY. Can you blame me. In my defense I'm Southern bred and in Florida it's hot even in the Winter time. Whatev, I ended up getting a bunch of shoots done for my portfolio and I got a slight tan back on my skin. Productive, am I right? LMAO.

ANYWAYS! I just posted a picture on Instagram from when I was in Greece last Summer wearing some short denim booty shorts and soooo many of you asked where they're from or where you can get some like them. Unfortunately, they're sold out so I decided to do a round up on my favorite denim shorts for you guys in plus sizes!

While googling myself (I googled Nadia Aboulhosn denim shorts) just to find pictures of all the denim shorts I wore in the past to include them in this post and this article popped up from last year that I've never seen before. It literally made me laugh out loud. You guys should check it out. It's titled 15 Times Nadia Aboulhosn proved short shorts were made for thick thighs. Thank you Nichole for writing it, you made me laugh hysterically to myself.

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