I want it, I got it.

"Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement." – Matt Biondi

Thank you to IKEA for having such a colorful wall for me to take this cute picture on. I wore this little comfy stripe number to IKEA to do a little furniture shop for my new place. I ALWAYS use their Billy Bookcases as shelves for all of my shoes. I get one for my heels and one for all my sneakers to save space in my actual closet.

The Vans I'm wearing here are my favorite Vans because they give me a little bit extra height. They're the Old Skool black and white platforms. I was laughing so hard the day I bought these. I walked in the store with my best friend and picked these ones up first. One of the workers there said to me, "These are the most popular shoes, everyone has and loves them." Then 5 minutes later, a different worker came up to me and said "These are so rare, not many people have these." LMFAO

I can REALLY appreciate their selling tactics lmao they're three kinds of people when it comes to persuading
1. Say something is popular and everyone has it so it makes someone want it more
2. Say something is rare and not many people have it so it makes someone want it more
3. Get it just cause you like it bc it's cute fuck it. In other words: I want it, I got it. -Ariana Grande
stripes black and white


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