Chenille Socks

"Your future is found in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what others do occasionally." -Paula White

Every family member or friend knows if they want to get me a gift but aren't really sure what I want, it's a pair of chenille socks. My best friend got me these ones I'm wearing for my birthday. I loooove love love a good fuzzy sock. I think my sock obsession started when I was 17-ish. I would buy regular cute socks with clouds and whatever was cute printed on them and then it became fuzzy socks. Now that the holidays are coming up, I can't stop. Someone save me. Jr's Rudolph nose came off of his set that I bought him last year so I'm going to buy him a new pair this year. Maybe this time I'll buy the socks with Rudolph printed on, like these ones from the GAP. He never reads my blog so he'll never know I'm planning on it. haha

Photo Apr 26, 3 41 08 AM


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