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“The road to power is in taking responsibility. Your heart, your life, and your happiness are your responsibility and your responsibility alone.” -Will Smith

A while back I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing pants sort of like these that cut off around the ankle, fit nice around the hips, but then flare somewhat out and I was like yesssss girl! Although we have entirely different types, I know she's short like me and if I set my mind to it, could make it work. Anyways, I wore this look on our drive from Switzerland to Lake Como. For this trip, I literally packed only 3 pairs of shoes. I usually always bring my all white vans along with me just because they pair with everything so easily and also show off my ankles, which I love doing lol. I was taking a look at Target and saw they had the cutest plus size utility pants like I'm wearing but in a dark black finish. Do you see this pizza we ate? Phenomenal. Someone please take me back to Italy.

Photo Oct 02, 3 03 51 PM

Photo Sep 28, 10 44 31 AM

Photo Sep 30, 9 37 20 AM

Photo Oct 04, 10 31 17 AM


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