"Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror? Because I bet that if you love it authentically, everybody else around you will. They won't even have a chance to see anything else, because you will have a shield of confidence around you." - Jada Pinkett Smith

Ahhhh this was on mine and Jr's 3rd year anniversary. We were in Italy drinking red wine (when I say we, I mean him) haha and just having dinner. We went and got gelatos and took a cute picture for the gram. I'm going to put out a vlog soon with our trip to Italy/Switzerland and in the video it shows how difficult it really is to eat those cone gelatos. I should've gotten mine in a cup and called it a day but noooo, I had to have one of these cute tourist pics.

Anyways, theese are my go-to pants when I want to look like I dressed up, but also don't want to wear jeans, but want to be comfortable like sweatpants except not as hot. I actually found them inside JCPenny in the Queens Mall one day when Jr and I were shopping with his mom. I found a link for them at Zappos, they're black taper zip pants. I'm wearing Nike prestos with an adidas top. I'm lawless.

Photo Oct 03, 8 29 54 AM

Photo Sep 29, 3 55 43 PM

Photo Sep 25, 2 57 32 PM

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