Mono Polka Dot Swim

asos one piece

We stopped at Santorini's White Beach which you can get to from a short taxi boat ride. It was soooo gorgeous and I even put some rocks in my bag to take home for memories. Some of the larger mountain rocks were so white they looked like glaciers. Fun fact for anyone wanting to go here in the future, BRING WATER SHOES! There are so many rock/pebbles that you have to walk on and some can get extremely. I wouldn't want you to burn your feet. Mine felt raw for damn near 2 days from having to walk on so many hot rocks. For some reason I thought the sand would be like Florida beaches but FALSE. haha! On another note, since it's mine and my best friend's 10 year friendaversary, we decided to get matching swimsuits from ASOS. The high cut mono polka dot one piece I'm wearing is my go-to now. God I love me some ASOS. Below in the slider you can see they have a ton of different cuts so you can get whichever you like most.

nadia aboulhosn asos nadia aboulhosn junior


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