Mah Jing Wong

Photo Jul 15, 4 25 39 AM

God it's been years since I've worn Mah Jing Wong. Backkkkk in the day when I first moved to NY his team hit me up to wear some of his pieces and they were sooo ahead of their time. Of course I said yes and rocked the shit out of his pieces. When I saw him on project runway I was like YESSSS!!!! Kill it! I'm so proud to see how far he's come. Seriously you guys check him out. He clothes always makes me feel like the baddest bitch, can't you tell by the pics? haha!

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Amoudi Bay

Photo Jun 03, 10 56 17 PM I love me a good swing dress, especially with a cut out. I got this one from PLT but pretty sure they sold out so I put a few similar ones below. I wore this to the Northern part of Santorini where we visited Amoudi Bay. This was probably one of my favorite places. The water was incredibly clear, the food was amazing and came out quick, and the sun setting was indescribable. I definitely recommend going here. They also have really great seafood, duh...because it's a bay. I really enjoy the name Amoudi Bay because for one of my Instagram captions I titled it A Moody Bae. LMAO a little word play for you but that's really how you pronounce it.

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Mesh Coverups

Photo Jun 02, 11 08 22 PM

Most of the time in Greece I wore ZERO make up. I only wore it when I did my actual Ted Talk performance. Let me tell you how I STILL broke out anyways haha. This was before my skin was mad at me so I was glowing. These mesh coverups are my favorite because you can still basically feel almost naked when you walk around but it's also not indecent exposure. I looooved how many Jeep like cars they have over there so I'd snap a picture every chance I could. This was above the place we were staying at. It was overlooking the water at the highest point.

Photo Jun 03, 9 23 12 AM Photo Jun 03, 11 20 02 PM Photo Jun 06, 11 56 14 AM

Smooshed Butt

Photo Jun 04, 8 14 33 AM (1)

I feel like nothing is better than a good pair of distressed denim shorts and a white top. I usually go for something even more casual like a basic white crewneck tee but decided for Greece I should make it a little more dainty with this corset like top. I shot the denim look right outside the place we were staying at. This is also the same red swimsuit I wore in a previous post. I saw this view and instantly knew I wanted a smooshed buttcheek picture here haha! All of the blue and white during this Greece trip really inspired me.

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Photo Jun 01, 5 06 23 PM

This was one of the first days I was in Greece. I first went to Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center in Athens to rehearse my Ted Talk. It's so beautiful inside and you can also take an elevator up and oversee the city. I really recommend it. After my Ted Talk rehearsal which was terrifying (I'll explain the whole story once the video is up) we went straight to see The Acropolis of Athens. Seeing something of this magnitude just makes you realize how small you are in the world and humbles you. Well, for me it did. Thinking about how long it's been there and how so many people before you built it is mind boggling. The marble is also super slippery. Can't front that I almost busted my ass a few times haha! The photo of me on the beach is in Santorini. After my Ted Talk, we flew to Santorini and this was Kamari Beach, the closest beach to our Aribnb. The ground is black rocks so again, BRING SHOES! haha. I can't stress it enough. The have a little bar on the beach here where you can order really good tasting smoothies. Bring a beach towel or if you want to rent the chairs and umbrellas you can too so bring cash. There were kids jumping from the cliff which looked really fun but now that I'm 30 I figured it wasn't in my best interest lmao. My swimsuit is from ASOS by the way!

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Mono Polka Dot Swim

asos one piece

We stopped at Santorini's White Beach which you can get to from a short taxi boat ride. It was soooo gorgeous and I even put some rocks in my bag to take home for memories. Some of the larger mountain rocks were so white they looked like glaciers. Fun fact for anyone wanting to go here in the future, BRING WATER SHOES! There are so many rock/pebbles that you have to walk on and some can get extremely. I wouldn't want you to burn your feet. Mine felt raw for damn near 2 days from having to walk on so many hot rocks. For some reason I thought the sand would be like Florida beaches but FALSE. haha! On another note, since it's mine and my best friend's 10 year friendaversary, we decided to get matching swimsuits from ASOS. The high cut mono polka dot one piece I'm wearing is my go-to now. God I love me some ASOS. Below in the slider you can see they have a ton of different cuts so you can get whichever you like most.

nadia aboulhosn asos nadia aboulhosn junior