Santorini Red Beach

Photo Jun 03, 5 38 39 PM

A few days before I left to Greece I was wondering around Forever 21 and saw this cute ruffle trim one piece swimsuit. Totally had to have it. I see online they also have it in white but unfortunately didn't see it in store the day I was shopping or I would've gotten it too. Greece was stunning. On this day specifically we went to the Red Beach which is basically the Southern part of Santorini. At first we didn't know you could take a taxi boat so we ended up parking the car and hiking up a mountain just to get to the beach below. I was out of breath but it was lowkey worth it because I got to snap a picture of the view. Afterward I swam to a rock that was semi-far from the shoreline and plopped up on it like a basking walrus.

Photo Jun 04, 6 19 47 AM Photo Jun 06, 10 08 04 PM

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