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I can't tell you how long I've been a fan of Nike. My uncle Bill on my mom's side, recently passed away with cancer. Growing up we ALWAYS wore Nike because my Uncle Bill worked for Nike at their Memphis location for decades. I'm almost 30 and I can remember back to me being like 4 years old getting packages from him on Christmas. We loved Nike so much, we even named one of our childhood cats Nike. haha. In my teenage years, I collected so many Jordans that I didn't know what to do with them. I didn't even want to wear them because I was so afraid of creasing them. Nike has been such a huge part of my lifestyle wear for as far back as I can remember.

I was so excited when Nike first launched their plus size pieces. So often people assume we don't work out which is entirely opposite of my every day routine. I wake up at 7am each morning and go straight to the gym. Being in fashion, I think it's so important not having to compromise style and comfort and Nike always makes sure to have the best fit pieces while making you feel good at the same time. Their plus pieces are heaven sent. The Nike Leg-A-See leggings are soooo comfy and I love the giant Nike stamps on the back leg. The Nike Sportswear Gym Vintage hoodie I'm wearing comes in 6 different colors which makes them so easy to pair with any of your bottoms. On days it gets a little bit colder, I say throw on your Sportswear Tech Fleece like I did below. One of my favorite Nikes other than Huaraches are the iconic Air Max 1 Premiums. They're so comfortable and have so many cute colors. The pink/beige combo was my 2nd choice.


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