by Nadia Drop Earrings

I'm so excited to announce that by Nadia Aboulhosn dropped drop earrings. I've always been a fan of drop earrings. On a regular basis, there is only a few pieces of jewelry I incorporate and that's post earrings in both my ears and an anklet on my right foot. When I'm styling a look to really go out, the only piece of jewelry I ever wear is a dope pair of statement drop earrings. I think my early blogging days and thrift shopping started the obsessed with oversized earrings because of all the vintage pieces I'd find. My favorite pair of earrings that I've released has to be the starfish ones. Head over to by Nadia and check out the new drops!

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Fenty Red

Last post I spoke about how I like have a base color like black or white and then playing with accessories and color. For this look I wanted to bring out the red in the romper with all red thigh high boots. Shout out to Lucas my hairstylist for adding 5 extra inches to my hair. Greatly appreciated. I've been in between cutting my hair in to a shoulder bob again or just growing it down to my low back. I think after having my hair like this I'm going to just keep growing it out to how long it use to be when I first started blogging back in 2010. xx



Early 2000's JLO Feel

This was me all 2 weeks of coldness in L.A. lmao! Can we talk about these blue JLO early 2000's sunglasses? Early JLO was such a huge fashion inspo for me, even till this day obviously. Also, these glittery thigh high boots? Creamed my pants when I first saw them. I'm very into being matchy matchy right now with a solid base color like white or black and then playing with color off that with accessories. Speaking of accessories, I launched jewelry as part of my clothing line for Spring. I'll be doing a post about that soon though! xx



Snake Print Thigh High Boots

I made this mesh duster as a sample for my clothing line by Nadia Aboulhosn but ended up never releasing it. To be honest, I don't even think I have it in my closet anymore because I did a huge closet refresh for the new year. I do new closet clean outs every over month because I get bored of things too fast. I end up donating it which is better than just keeping it in my closet not being used. How amazing are these snake print thigh high boots? I don't think I'll ever step away from thigh highs. Even in Summer time, catch me sweating in them. LMAO!


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Something Light

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Swang Dress

I love wearing bodycon dresses and then I also love wearing super oversized swing dresses that look like cupcakes. Don't judge me but you know what works really well for swing dresses? Maternity dresses. I'm not ashamed. No but the best thing about swing dresses is that you can eat all you want and not have to suck it in or unbuckle your pants. Swing dresses should be the new move for Thanksgiving and food related events.

frill dress nadia

shift dress nadia nadia aboulhosn dress cream

Bronze Glow

I want to shine bright forever in a bunch of different glitter dresses. I wore this to an event this past December in L.A. and Shevah shot pictures of me right before the sun went down. Fun fact: are best at the golden hour but they're even better when you have glitter dress on. Just thought I'd let you guys know.

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Yantra Beauty

One of my best friends Lucas Burnett started his own beauty brand called Yantra. I couldn't be happier for him and all his accomplishments. I shot for their first editorial drops. They have a serum for hair and a cuticle/beard balm that can also be used on your lips. I was so excited to be a part of this and see the journey Yantra has done this past year. They have some super good products coming out, I would know because he uses them all on me before they launch it haha! GO check Yantra out and also the video and images below that Andrew Quesada shot! He always makes me look 100!

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My Favorite Sweat Set Looks

I shot with Lydia Hudgens in NY in one of my favorite pair of sweatpants. I got these from River Island. They did a collaboration with ASHISH. By now I'm sure it's all sold out but I gathered together some of my favorite sweats since at this time in my life they're my go-to looks for running errands. Good American and Ivy Park both have poppin sweat pant sets. Of course, adidas and Reebok and all of your athletic brands have super comfy pieces. I always like getting my sweats 1 or 2 sizes bigger than my actual size so it fits loose and looks good with heels and sneakers just incase I want to dress it up. I did a post a few weeks back wearing wide leg sweatpants which feels like you're wearing nothing haha!

STREET_4 copy

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Blazing in Blazers

I'm planning on wearing a ton of blazers and pantsuits in 2018. Wondering if it's because I'm turning 30 this year or if it's because business Nadia is stepping back in. For this past 2017 Fall collection of by Nadia, I designed a 90's oversized blazer that's burgundy with velvet pin stripes. I named it the Nabil after my brother's middle name. I gathered a bunch of my favorite blazers that I'm looking forward to wearing this year.


9I5A4841 9I5A4849 9I5A4837 9I5A4869

Wide Leg Jumpsuit

I shot the last year (weird even saying that because it's already 2018). It's clear to say that in 2018 I'm still a fan of plaid and wide leg pants, no matter how unflattering people say they are for girls with thighs. Oop, Oh well. My hair is not mid back but looking back on these pictures, I'm debating cutting it shoulder length again. I guess only time will tell.


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