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This blog post title seems fitting. I got this super cute co-ordinate matching floral set from Express. I'm full fledge fangirling over them. I use to shop at Express growing up and obsessing on how size inclusive their website and imagery is makes me love them even more. It's always so refreshing seeing someone model clothes who you feel like you can relate to. Back to Express though, they have THE BEST matching sets. I always loved them because all of their pieces have this classic look that you can wear it now and still wear it 3 years from now. The versatility of their clothing is like no other brand. This distressed floral denim jacket has the cutest skirt to match but you can honestly pair it with a light wash pair of shorts and call it a day. You guys can get $25 off $100 and be able to Express Your Own Rules by shopping in store AND online using code: 4007. Have fun shopping! T&C applied

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Nike React

Driving down the I-10 in Los Angeles, I saw this giant billboard for Nike Epic React. I instantly thought how comfortable they looked. Then a week later I saw the hilarious commercial with Kevin Hart where everyone begins running together to help save Earth. Super clever. Watch it if you haven't. I wanted to try them out for myself so I got the grey Nike Epic React and the verdict is exactly what I thought they'd be, they're AMAZINGGGG. They're great for running, I even find myself even wearing them to run errands. If walking on a cloud was possible, I'm assuming this is what it feels like. I have a slightly bad left knee and two bulging discs in my low back from playing football in high school. I've been doing physical therapy 2 times a week and feel such a difference just from wearing these almost daily. Since I've upped my workout routine, I wear the Nike Rival bra which is designed for high impact workouts. I paired my Rival bra with all black Nike Racer Tights. I tend to get mostly black workout clothes so when I sweat it's not as obvious. Sometimes L.A. can get chili in the early mornings when I like to work out most so I just throw on Nike's Therma Sphere Element running top. I'm so thrilled that Nike launched plus size pieces. I remember when they released it I knew it was going to have such an impact on so many women. There can sometimes be such a misconception when it comes to people thinking plus women don't work out. No matter what journey you're on, it feels good knowing such a reputable brand like Nike stands behind all women.

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Nike Lifestyle

I can't tell you how long I've been a fan of Nike. My uncle Bill on my mom's side, recently passed away with cancer. Growing up we ALWAYS wore Nike because my Uncle Bill worked for Nike at their Memphis location for decades. I'm almost 30 and I can remember back to me being like 4 years old getting packages from him on Christmas. We loved Nike so much, we even named one of our childhood cats Nike. haha. In my teenage years, I collected so many Jordans that I didn't know what to do with them. I didn't even want to wear them because I was so afraid of creasing them. Nike has been such a huge part of my lifestyle wear for as far back as I can remember.

I was so excited when Nike first launched their plus size pieces. So often people assume we don't work out which is entirely opposite of my every day routine. I wake up at 7am each morning and go straight to the gym. Being in fashion, I think it's so important not having to compromise style and comfort and Nike always makes sure to have the best fit pieces while making you feel good at the same time. Their plus pieces are heaven sent. The Nike Leg-A-See leggings are soooo comfy and I love the giant Nike stamps on the back leg. The Nike Sportswear Gym Vintage hoodie I'm wearing comes in 6 different colors which makes them so easy to pair with any of your bottoms. On days it gets a little bit colder, I say throw on your Sportswear Tech Fleece like I did below. One of my favorite Nikes other than Huaraches are the iconic Air Max 1 Premiums. They're so comfortable and have so many cute colors. The pink/beige combo was my 2nd choice.


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Cheetah Print Swim

This Summer I have plans to go to Athens, Greece to speak on Ted Talk. Other than completely freaking out and overthinking my speech, I'm also thinking about what swimsuits I'm wearing for my little mini vacation afterward in Santorini. I basically want Fred Flinstone vibes all over my body with this orange print 2 piece haha! Why am I in a cheetah swim whirlwind right now? Where are some of your favorite bathing suits from? It could be one piece or 2 piece. Doesn't matter to me. I know ASOS always have such cute swimsuits. Maybe I should just make my own swim pieces. Or...maybe you guys can help me plan my looks for the Summer? 🙏 Thanks in advance!

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Business as usual

I'm really in to slouchy loose pants, mainly because comfort but also because fashion. haha. No but really. I can't stop wearing sweats and/or comfy pants like these I'm wearing. I've been trying to steer away from all black looks and incorporate more colors but I feel like nothing is more classic than all black. I wore this downtown for a quick meeting a few weeks back and later on in the day ended up throwing on a pair of sneakers and the whole look was still super cute. I should have took a shot of it. 9I5A0315

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Lime Green & Leather

Lime Green has probably become my favorite color for this Spring/Summer. I also keep coloring my nails and toes white every other. When I was young I'd always get black nails to match everything better, then it turned in to getting my nails nude and now white. Either way, catch me wearing lime green all Summer. Can we take a moment to see how long my hair is getting? I'm in the process of growing it out after a few years ago when I went platinum blonde and did a big chop. Trying to get it healthy again. 9I5A0645

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Parking Lot Chronicles

It's been a while since I've been on here but there's something I miss about writing on my actual blog. Sweats have never been more comfortable honestly. Can we talk about how when I was in high school and would wear sweatpants people thought that was just a lazy look and now you can wear sweatpants and it's totally acceptable and fashionable? HAHA! Either way I'm queen of always wearing sweats with heels and this set from Pretty Little Thing is soooooo good! I mean, they have an entire sweater & hoodie section. Check them out! They have so many unique pieces and such an amazing price point. Check out my look below! I like to call all of my parking lot pictures #ParkingLotChronicles


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eBay babe

I've been shopping on eBay for as far back as I can remember. No seriously, I remember being 15 years old ordering rare sneakers because they were the only place that had them. I love being able to shop on one site and find all of my favorite brands like ASOS, Forever 21, Topshop, and soon much more. Also, 88% of items sold on eBay are listed as Buy It Now. This entire look I'm wearing is from eBay. My lace up dress is Forever 21, while my double breasted blazer and black patent pumps are ASOS. eBay's navigation bar when searching for product is hands down one of my favorites. I always start with my size and scroll for various looks so I know I’ll find an item that will actually fit. It's never a hassle trying to find looks because their site makes it super easy. Be sure to check out eBay for similar items like the ones I'm wearing, and other styles that are perfect for Spring. New styles are put up every day so keep checking in!


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by Nadia Drop Earrings

I'm so excited to announce that by Nadia Aboulhosn dropped drop earrings. I've always been a fan of drop earrings. On a regular basis, there is only a few pieces of jewelry I incorporate and that's post earrings in both my ears and an anklet on my right foot. When I'm styling a look to really go out, the only piece of jewelry I ever wear is a dope pair of statement drop earrings. I think my early blogging days and thrift shopping started the obsessed with oversized earrings because of all the vintage pieces I'd find. My favorite pair of earrings that I've released has to be the starfish ones. Head over to by Nadia and check out the new drops!

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Fenty Red

Last post I spoke about how I like have a base color like black or white and then playing with accessories and color. For this look I wanted to bring out the red in the romper with all red thigh high boots. Shout out to Lucas my hairstylist for adding 5 extra inches to my hair. Greatly appreciated. I've been in between cutting my hair in to a shoulder bob again or just growing it down to my low back. I think after having my hair like this I'm going to just keep growing it out to how long it use to be when I first started blogging back in 2010. xx



Early 2000's JLO Feel

This was me all 2 weeks of coldness in L.A. lmao! Can we talk about these blue JLO early 2000's sunglasses? Early JLO was such a huge fashion inspo for me, even till this day obviously. Also, these glittery thigh high boots? Creamed my pants when I first saw them. I'm very into being matchy matchy right now with a solid base color like white or black and then playing with color off that with accessories. Speaking of accessories, I launched jewelry as part of my clothing line for Spring. I'll be doing a post about that soon though! xx



Snake Print Thigh High Boots

I made this mesh duster as a sample for my clothing line by Nadia Aboulhosn but ended up never releasing it. To be honest, I don't even think I have it in my closet anymore because I did a huge closet refresh for the new year. I do new closet clean outs every over month because I get bored of things too fast. I end up donating it which is better than just keeping it in my closet not being used. How amazing are these snake print thigh high boots? I don't think I'll ever step away from thigh highs. Even in Summer time, catch me sweating in them. LMAO!


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Something Light

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Swang Dress

I love wearing bodycon dresses and then I also love wearing super oversized swing dresses that look like cupcakes. Don't judge me but you know what works really well for swing dresses? Maternity dresses. I'm not ashamed. No but the best thing about swing dresses is that you can eat all you want and not have to suck it in or unbuckle your pants. Swing dresses should be the new move for Thanksgiving and food related events.

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