Oversized Sweats

“I'd spent so many years doing things I didn't really want to do for people I didn't really like.” ― Claire Cook

I love this quote. It wasn't until the end of last year where I got tired of meaningless conversations and friendships. I don't think it's okay to seclude yourself all of the time but time is really so precious. I'd rather spend that time on and with people who really matter to me. Some people have ulterior motives and if you recognize that, step away. It's okay to be selfish sometimes. I can get carried away with being so selfless that I forget to take care of myself. It's hard to care for other people when you can't really care for yourself.

On another note, there are the comfiest pair of pants award goes to these ASOS ones. They're all sold out now but just have to say how poppin they are. Is this considered business casual because I have a blouse on and heels but also wearing sweatpants? Asking for a friend. Anyways I've been working on my Fall collection for by Nadia and that's been taking up the majority of my time but I've managed to snap some pix. I'll be sure to start posting some more of my looks again. xo


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oversized sweats

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