Oscar de la Renta

Currently in South Florida attempting to get my tan on but there's an overcast because it's about to storm. Living in LA I almost forgot how humid it is over here even though I spent most of my life in Florida. I use to love the humidity because it makes my hair have more volume and my face glow like I'm pregnant or have the best highlighter ever made. We rented a little AirBnB with a pool so I've been outside getting my tan and cuteness on in this Oscar de la Renta swim suit from Flagpole. I want to be this extra all Summer long. Jr liked the lighting in the bathroom so he made me stand and take pictures in there and I was down mainly because my tan looks poppin. haha!

oscar de la renta 1

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nadia oscar de la renta

off shoulder swim Photo Jul 20, 6 11 00 AM Photo Jul 20, 6 10 45 AM Photo Jul 20, 6 08 34 AM

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