My friend and forever hair stylist Lucas had a birthday coming up so he wanted to take a quick trip for the weekend to the woods somewhere North of Vancouver. Jr and I flew up to Seattle, where Lucas lives, and then from there drove up. We stayed in downtown Vancouver one night and then the next 3 nights we headed North headed towards Squamish. We hiked around the 4 Lakes River, BBQ'd a bunch of food, and threw rocks at each other like we were kids. haha. We also played would you rather drinking game which I don't recommend unless you want to find out some shit.

As far as my looks, I put some links below but the tan boots I'm wearing are adidas GSG9's and the other hiking boots I'm wearing in the forest are SALEWA. They're the boots me and Junior swear by for trips. When we went to Iceland and Belize we'd wear them because they're super comfortable and water resistant and you barely slip in them. They're pretty expensive but worth it. My green sweatpants I got from H&M right before we left.

Really going to try and do more Youtube videos. I know you guys keep saying it would be dope but I'm the worst when it comes to holding a camera up all the time! Watch our trip below!

nadia vancouver


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