Night Time Routine

*The following post is sponsored by Refinery 29 & Estee Lauder. All opinions are my own!

For as long as I can remember I've always had a routines in my life. It's what really keeps me centered and my life in order, especially the more hectic my schedule gets. I can remember being 15 years old growing up in Florida and being sure to put SPF on my face every single day just to avoid wrinkles in the future. I can't stress enough how important it is to adopt a skincare regiment that's right for you, especially a night time one. I love night time routine's because sleep is so important and how I wake up really sets the tone for the rest of my day. Just because I had a good night's sleep, doesn't mean I always wake up looking like I did the day before because I didn't have a nighttime routine.

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I remember my mom going to department stores when I was a kid and getting products from the Estee Lauder counters. I love Estee Lauder because they have such an amazing array of serums and products that work so well with anyone at any age. This week I incorporated Estee Lauder's advanced night repair products and incorporated them into what I normally do on a regular night. Most days this week I had make up on because I had back-to-back photo shoots. As soon as I got back home each day, I used the Night Repair Micro-Cleansing Foam which helps remove make up and pollution from the skin. L.A. can sometimes feel like walking in a giant cloud of smog, well actually, I more than likely am.


My favorite thing was the Recovery Power Foil Mask. Most masks I've used before don't really cover your entire face but Estee's foil mask comes in two separate pieces. You first apply the top half over your face and then the lower half so it covers everything without lifting off your nose like most masks do. As soon as I took it off, my skin instantly looked less dull, brighter, and more even.

I'm part Middle Eastern so my dark circles and sunken eyes are pretty much genetic. Majority of my life I've been trying to make them less noticeable. Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum went on super smoothly and felt very lightweight. Some creams can feel heavy around the eye, but this one wasn't.

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Your routine may be slightly different than mine but one thing is for sure - our bodies heal the most when we're sleeping so why not prepare ourselves for it? I feel better when my skin looks healthier so be sure to drink plenty of water and find the right night time routine for you. I hope this helps!


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