Velvet Body

I'm wearing velvet all Fall. Would you guys still love me if I wear pantsuits every day? Wearing velvet makes me want to throw my arms around me and give myself my own hugs. No but seriously, there's something sharp looking about velvet. Especially crushed black velvet.

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Forever Camo

Oversized pants in some ruched booties are my look all Fall. I actually took these pictures back in April 2017 when it was still kind of cool outside in L.A. Now that it's cooler outside again I'm all for it. I like wearing bodysuits with baggy pants because I don't have to keep constantly tucking in a top. Bodysuits always stay in place, well for me at least.

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by Nadia A/W 2017

Ahhhh Fall/Winter. My favorite season to design for. I'm late on posting this on my actual blog but I loved designing my first Fall collection for my clothing line by Nadia. I know I wanted to design an oversized blazer and while fabric shopping I came across a maroon fabric with velvet pin stripes. I instantly knew I had to have it. Although I love the blazer, my favorite piece from this collection is the Willow dress. Check out my by Nadia Fall/Winter here!

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Black Friday Wishlist

YES TO ALL is my black Friday and Cyber Monday motto. Lmao. Okay so my mom and I have this tradition every year when Black Friday hits to rush in stores and get stuff. We would do it as far back as I can remember. Now that I'm older, I'm all about shopping on the internet so I usually take advantage of this weekend. I gathered some of my favorite brands and pieces this season that I already purchased or am about to before the weekend ends! Most people think online shopping is only on Cyber Monday for discounts but most e-comm stores do it the entire weekend. I'm doing it on byNadiaAboulhosn starting Friday at 12am and ending Monday at 11:59pm! Everything is 40% off except Fall items. You can use the code CYBERWKND. Have fun shopping!


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Blue Baby

I swear by clear mascara like this Maybelline one. I use to use dark shadow to color in my eyebrows but lately for my every day look I'll brush my eyebrows up with some clear mascara gel. It works wonders for me. I did it for this look that I shot with photographer Andrew Quesada whole is a photo genius. I wanted to do something fairy like so I kept my face glowy and sparkly, to match my nails of course. My hair stylist Luca Burnett and I went downtown to look at fabrics and while there spotted this baby blue flower trim and decided it would be dope to thread through my hair. Anyways, these are some of my most favorite shots in life. xx

nadia aboulhosn

nadia beauty shot nadia aboulhosn beauty editorial big eyebrow editorial nadia aboulhosn beauty


Living with my best friend Shevah is pretty cool because we get to be creative together. We've been on a roll shooting really gorgeous pictures like these ones we did while in Calabasas. I've been in Los Angeles for almost a year now and I'm still finding such beautiful places to shoot at. The dress I'm wearing is from my clothing line byNadiaAboulhosn. It's probably my favorite from my Fall collection.

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Flex in the City Pt 1

I went to New York for a week and teamed up with the forever talented Lydia Hudgen who I've known almost my entire blogging life. haha! She had been wanting to shoot in the subway for some time so I'm like who better than me? I knew I wanted to do pops of color and we co-signed on an entire monochrome look. I like mixing super sporty feels with feminine, hence the oversized puffer jacket and excessive jewels. The night before the shoot, I was at Junior's mom's house and she was showing me all of the large vintage rings she had. They obviously completed this look. I feel like my favorite looks are always ones that are somewhat thought out but spontaneous at the same time. It's like I have a vision for something but when I start overthinking things, it never comes out as good. xo

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TRAIN_5 copy

TRAIN_14 copy TRAIN_16 copy TRAIN_11 copy TRAIN_18 copy TRAIN_20 copy TRAIN_15 copy TRAIN_3 copy PHOTOGRAPHED BY LYDIA HUDGENS

Off Shoulder Jumpsuit

"If I'm going to learn and grow, I must know what questions to ask and how to apply the answers to my life. Listening has taught me a lot more than talking." -John Maxwell

Jumpsuits are one my favorite things to wear because they're so comfy, but I cant lie...they're one of the worst things to possibly wear when you have to use the bathroom. Nothing worse than standing naked in bathroom stalls just to pee.

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Eyelet Skirt

Happy 1 year birthday to Good American! It's been so amazing seeing the brand grow and I couldn't be happier to be a part of this from the beginning. I can't wait to see what else is in store for GA's future. So happy to work with and alongside such loving and talented women, especially with a brand that's so size inclusive. xo

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“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” – Tony Robbins

I shot these pictures a few months back, when I say a few months back, I really mean last March. I've been holding out on so many pictures lately but I'm going to start posting them. I've had these olive green slouchy pants for years now and they're so comfortable I could wear them almost every day. Fun fact: I wore them olive green platform sneakers for the first time when I was in Iceland. Jr and I literally climbed the side of a waterfall with these things on my feet. We were suppose to just look at the waterfall but he had other plans. I didn't know we were going to be doing as much as we did but I made it happen haha. For future, no one wear platform shoes to hike. They're the worst. xo

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Oversized Sweats

“I'd spent so many years doing things I didn't really want to do for people I didn't really like.” ― Claire Cook

I love this quote. It wasn't until the end of last year where I got tired of meaningless conversations and friendships. I don't think it's okay to seclude yourself all of the time but time is really so precious. I'd rather spend that time on and with people who really matter to me. Some people have ulterior motives and if you recognize that, step away. It's okay to be selfish sometimes. I can get carried away with being so selfless that I forget to take care of myself. It's hard to care for other people when you can't really care for yourself.

On another note, there are the comfiest pair of pants award goes to these ASOS ones. They're all sold out now but just have to say how poppin they are. Is this considered business casual because I have a blouse on and heels but also wearing sweatpants? Asking for a friend. Anyways I've been working on my Fall collection for by Nadia and that's been taking up the majority of my time but I've managed to snap some pix. I'll be sure to start posting some more of my looks again. xo


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