I'm back in LA full time now. I decided I need to be here for a few years for work. I haven't been blogging as much or really on social media because moving and looking for a place is an entire process. Oh and also because I'm finally almost finished with the release of my own Nadia Aboulhosn collection that'll be here early January. On another note, a few months back I shot with Good American. I love there jeans. My next post I'll put up some images, video, and a look at my favorite pieces.

GOOD AMERICAN black jeans
thrifted red trench coat (similar)
long sleve ALIFE shirt (similar)

nadia goodamerican jeans nadia alife oversized red coat goodamerican nadia aboulhosn red lipstick nadia good american black jeans

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  1. I really like the outfit with the mock NASCAR shirt. If you wanted to go along with that theme, you could pair the outfit with some black cowgirl boots (like these from Family Center Farm and Home). I really like the whole country-chic look, so this outfit really inspired me. Thanks for sharing! :)