On Instagram the other day I put up a picture of JR and I in Mexico. I think back to all the times we've traveled together over the past year and how grateful I am to be able to see the world, especially with him. This was the first day we actually explored in Iceland. I thought we were just going to drive around. False. We ended up getting out at two major waterfalls, Skógafoss waterfall being the main one we climbed up. There were sheep I'd baby talk to the walk up. The views were breathtaking. It doesn't seem real when you're there and no picture does it justice. We were hoping to see the Northern Lights, it's one of the main things I want to see before I die. With our luck of course, we flew back home and five days after they showed so we missed out. I keep telling myself I'll see them when I travel to Alaska one day.

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