NYFW 2016

10/13/2016 | Best Blogger Tips
My fashion week this time was an entirely different experience for me in comparison to my past ones. I mentioned it briefly in my most recent article which you can read over at The Cut. I'm not sure how to even explain how it felt seeing pieces of my Addition Elle line walk down a NYFW runway. I felt proud, excited, slightly nervous, grateful. Before the show, my best friend Shevah was carrying my phone and she's like your mom texted you. I'm like if it's something nice, then don't tell me because I can't cry right now, I have interviews to do and people to be in front of. I couldn't help myself and ended up reading it and all it said was "Shine bright, I know you will." Boom...immediately started tearing up in the bathroom minutes before the show. I look back and reflect a lot. It helps put things in perspective for me.

You guys can shop my collection below at Addition Elle, Lord & Taylor, and Nordstrom.

Wearing: Nadia Aboulhosn for Addition Elle black mesh dress

nadia aboulhosn nyfw

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  1. Boo do you I love it! shout out to your tunic it what I wear to work now lol ( If i could get away with the bodysuit I will ill put a sweater over it lol) Keep being cute!.

  2. Nadia by what I see in everything your in,you express yourself very well,I bet in a few more years ill see you vogueing on vogue,lot of love and blessings upon you.....