Bity Back Brackin

I literally cut this entire outfit to my liking. I was at Walmart a few months ago and I was helping JR pick out sweatpants and I'm like let me get some too. Of course when I got home I decided to crop the crew neck and then the pants in to shorts. Soooo final result. My place in Cali doesn't have a washer and dryer so this laundromat is the closest to my apartment here. The first time I walked in it, I knew what I already wanted to do. I instantly thought this color scheme here is too amazing to not take some photos. Anyways, my best friend Shevah is an amazing artist and she designed the orange eyeball hat I'm wearing. They're selling at Bad Meaning Good along with the sheer red socks.

Shevah orange eyeball hat
Bad Meaning Good red sheer socks
nadia red crewneck

red crop top sheer socks orange eyeball hat


  1. I love how you cut them! And the fact they it's red, I'm inspired to try this out with some stuff I have at home.

  2. Budget Chic! I love this can't wait to try it, you're amazing Nadia

  3. Seriously there's a experiment on that? Interesting to know!

  4. I don't usually wear red unless it's a dress. But looking how laid-back and comfy this outfit is! I can't help but start purchasing some and try it on myself. I am thinking of purchasing something like those red sleeveless crop top and just topped it off with a grey blazer if the weather is kind of windy.

  5. mesh panel jumpsuit pumps are being loved <3



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