Emerald Gem

I like having small boobs because when I wear v-neck dresses, I don't have to worry about them popping out. All those years of being labeled itty bitty titty committee feel worth it. On any other day though, I want big boobs. haha. No but really I find myself more and more not wearing a bra.

Emerald v-neck dress (similar)
Nude heel sandals

nadia aboulhosn steep v neck

green bodycon green mini dress vneck dress


  1. As a big boobed girl, I wish I could enjoy the freedom of no bra...look, you can just slap on some pasties and call it a day, whereas I have to double-bra it XD I guess everything has its pro and cons
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  2. I came on here with hopes of finding where you purchased this bomb dress but the linked dress is not similar at all....


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