Too Bomb

6/03/2016 | Best Blogger Tips
I can't stop wearing perspex heels, especially the chunky ones. Public Desire is where I get the majority of my heels. Their selection is crazy and my style changes so often that it's ideal to have one dope place to shop out. Also I never want to take off this Pussy Too Bomb jacket from Sicko Cartel because it is my life.

Sicko Cartel Pussy Too Bomb jacket
Public Desire gray perspex heels

nadia aboulhosn pink bomber

pink bomber jacket nadia ptb pussy too bomb


  1. There are posts here where you think, I could never have the confidence to wear that, could I? Then there are other posts where you just have to laugh out loud. Only Nadia has the confidence to wear that. And thank god she does! Too bomb, indeed.

  2. Haha! That jacket is the bomb!

  3. Oh how I wish someone made perspex heels for wide feet! Love this!