The Row NYC

After I moved away from NYC, I can't stop thinking about how I miss it from time to time. After living in LA, I miss the hustle in NY. It's really at the root of what NY embodies. I missed when I lived in Harlem and the Heights riding the 1 train, working super hard every day, going to meetings. I love how much energy NY has. Now when I come to visit I like staying in the midst of it all so I can conveniently get places faster. So far I've stayed at The Row hotel twice this year. The vibe is super chill. Even though it has everything around because the location is so great, you don't even have to leave because it has all you really need inside. It has City Kitchen (go get donuts immediately), Go & Glow blow dry bar, and even a gym. I was on the 23rd floor this time facing the Hudson and at night time it was amazing. I literally just sat near my window and stared out at like 3am just in awe at how beautiful the city can be. I definitely recommend staying at The Row while there. x nadia aboulhosn nyc nyc buildings nadia aboulhosn bed the row nyc IMG_5649 nyc donuts


  1. beautiful style i really enjoy it.

  2. Great Post , thanks For sharing :)



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