Orange Shift Dress

6/29/2016 | Best Blogger Tips
I've been full fledge ready for Summer. I always shop at places like Modcloth that have super bright and fun print patterns. You can wear them to lunches, shopping, or BBQ weekends. The flow of this dress is everything. Most of the time I'm wearing heels with a dress but you can throw on some cute lace up flats to make it more casual. I picked out my favorite Modcloth pieces below! Be sure to check them out. xx

Modcloth orange print dress
Yellow lens sunglasses
Blue lace up heels nadia aboulhosn dress

orange lipstick blue lace up heels yellow sunglasses SPONSORED by Modcloth x Rewardstyle


  1. It fascinates me how you've used this medium to create an income, and recognition with class. You make it seem worthwhile. There is another young lady with the same passion for fashion and that 'thing' that drives young people like you to be self-sufficient. You have made the connections to create a presence online that is dignified and fun.

    Elizabeth Keene. That's her name.

    Anyway, I rejoice with all you two have created. - Gregory E. Woods, Keeper of Stories