HM x Nadia Aboulhosn

End of March I went to Mexico for a little vacation and had to cut it short to come back and shoot with HM for their online magazine in LA. First and foremost, yesssss to this swimsuit. It's like a baby bralette and super comfy. The team was super sweet and the final shot came out amazing. I did a little interview with them while I was on set, you can read it here on HM Magazine!

Nadia Abouhosn hm


  1. You are so gorgeous! And you did and do great work! Love you, you really inspire me. :)

  2. You look so fab! GREAT job!


    Aïchatou Bella

  3. You look so stunning in this nailed it!!

  4. Love the look :)
    Blair from

  5. Dear Nadia
    First of all, your blog and outfits look so nice! I really admire your blog and I think there should be more people like you. You realize things that most people want to say or to do but don’t have the courage for it .
    In this society people need to be skinny , have size 0 and stuff like that to be accepted by other people. Being skinny doesn’t mean you’re suddenly prettier or something. What really makes you pretty is the way you think, not the way you look. You are beautiful in both ways. Size is just a number people, when are we going to stop looking at a number and start looking at the person as a person? There is more in life than judging the looks of other people. Don’t lower yourself to the level of haters, they only judge you to make them feel better about themselves because they are so insecure.
    Nadia , you rock girl! You are an example for all of us.



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