Fire & Desire

It was clearly cold outside when I took these pictures because it was morning time in LA and I was headed to a casting call. I would have liked to photoshop them out but that means I would have to know how to work photoshop and I don't. haha My dress is from Karla Deras' like, The Line By K and I love all her pieces. Aside from the talent, she's a dope human.

Wearing: The Line By K Rori dress

thelinebyk nude dress

nadia aboulhosn line by k nadia nude dress long sleeve mini dress

Tie-Up Sandals

These are my go-to tie up sandals from TopShop. I was in Palm Springs a few months ago and was staying at The Parker. It was absolutely gorgeous. I snapped some pictures before doing a bike ride with my best friend Shevah. Yes, I even ride bikes half naked. haha

topshop tie sandals

hm black shorts

Baby Blue Bodycon

I've been on the run constantly so I'm only wearing heels when I have meetings, if that. I find myself even wearing jeans and sneakers now to meetings. Not sure why. Possibly the comfort factor or maybe I just don't care as much. When I run errands I tend to grab 1 of my 80 pairs of lace up sandals. I use to resort to lace up heels but it's now become a lace up sandal obsession. Also, I can't stop playing Drake - Views album still. Someone help me stop. My dress is originally from Rebdolls when I modeled for them last Summer. baby blue dress
nadia aboulhosn dress

Scallop Swimsuit

I'm use to wearing dark colors on a regular but I think now that my hair is a lighter blonde, I've been tempted to wear brighter pieces. It's either that or I'm based between Los Angeles and Miami and it's influencing me. Either way, I like incorporating as much rose gold in to my looks as I can. I wore this one-piece scallop swimsuit from Target with rose gold slides. I've been lowkey lately. I'm not really sure why. I think I'm slightly drained. I'll probably lounge around in Miami for the next few days and take it easy. Most likely half naked in various swimsuits.

Target one-piece coral scallop swimsuit
Target rose gold sandals

coral swimsuit

nadia aboulhosn one piece nadia aboulhosn target nadia swimsuit target one piece swim

3 Days in Tulum

I went to Tulum, Mexico last month for a mini 3 day vacation. It was gorgeous. Something about long sleeve swimsuits gets me excited. A lot of you on Instagram have been asking me where I get my flat lace up sandals from and I got them while in London from Topshop. The link is below to order it online. They're my cute go-to's now.

boohoo zig zag swimsuit
Topshop tie up ankle sandals

nadia aboulhosn

9I5A6055 zig zag swimsuit 9I5A6070 nadia one piece swim

Denim Patchwork

I went and shopped at Sugarcloth last week and picked out a bunch of amazing pieces including this patchwork denim dress that I found on the sale rack. Their store is super cute and the aesthetic inside inspired me. If you guys live in Los Angeles, you should check it out. I wore a denim bodysuit from them not too long ago in a recent post.

denim patchwork dress (similar)
Sam Edelman silver heels
oversized cat eye sunglasses
nadia aboulhosn denim

retro cat eye denim dress denim patchwork dress

Chocolate Brown

I can't stop buying chocolate brown pieces of clothing. I'm not sure if it's because of me lightening my hair. Either way I was just in Target to day and ended up buying bras and underwear that were all chocolate brown. I wore this when I shot with LA Times for a feature. Decided to snap some pictures on the way back home.

boohoo chocolate plunge dress
boohoo brown tie up heels

nadia brown dress

9I5A5817 v neck dress nadia nadia bodycon dress