"Our jobs as leaders is to see it better than it is. That isn't positive thinking, its called vision." -Tony Robbins

I'm going through a transitional period in my life right now. Every 6 months or so I reevaluate what I'm unhappy about and decide to make the decision of "no more." You have to always keep raising your standards and demanding more for yourself. If you keep finding yourself unhappy with something or someone, make a real decision. A real decision means you actually are taking action to change it. How many times are you going to sit back and let the same things happen over and over that you're not okay with? You're the only one who can fully take charge of your life. When you start demanding more, you get more. I've learned that more than anything this and last year. Maybe I've been watching too much Tony Robbins or I've been listening to too much of Kanye's The Life of Pablo but I feel more drive than ever to get my situation in order.

BNKR olive leather top
MISSGUIDED black asymmetrical skirt
black Steve Madden heels

green crop top

nadia crop top slick hair asymmetrical skirt


  1. Why are you so sexy looking??? Your hips look BEAUTIFUL.

  2. I think it's amazing that you're always striving to do more and get more out of life! It's an inspirational and positive way of living :)

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  3. First of all, you look crazy beautiful in that outfit. In my opinion, you rock it better than the other model. Also, I've been very unhappy about the same things for a long time & it's time for me to make the decision to take charge in my life..I'm 20 & it's now or never. I needed that Nadia, love you ������

  4. 2016 is the year of hustle, I swear I feel the same way.
    Love your blog girl, can't wait to see all the big things you got planned

  5. This is how I feel. Im not happy where I am and I need to take steps to change. Thanks for the uplifting message! You look gorgeous as usual btw!

  6. You look beautiful in this outfit!



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