I Am Me

I had the chance of teaming up with 7 other women who are incredibly inspiring in their own unique ways for Evan's Girl Squad #IAMME campaign. Check out the other women HERE on Evans site! I speak about how I basically wear whatever I feel comfortable in, push my style as much as I can, and blog about it. My original goal was just to have a way to express myself in a positive way, the fashion saved me. It wasn't necessarily to inspire people. I was just a normal girl who was inspired by fashion and wore what I wanted to. I'm so grateful that it led to inspiring you guys. I realized about a year in to blogging that me being here was way more than just what I wore. I love this campaign because it really gets to the core of all of us. It's so important to define who you are and understand it rather than letting someone else or society define it for you. Really makes you think about who you are. Check my little video below. xx

_IAMME-GIRLS-PROFILE10a_03_2 (1) IMG_3542 iamme group

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