70s Type

"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." -Ayn Rand

I went to Palm Springs and stayed at The Parker hotel that had so many gorgeous places in it. The carpet in the hallways had this 70s feel to it with bright red doors. I've had this tiny little flare skirt for over a year and have yet to shoot it. When I originally bought these HM suede boots, I got them for Winter time but I love how transitional they are. I like doing looks I don't normally do and seeing what all I can pull off.

ankle booties
top shop ribbed cami
denim skirt
brown long sleeve shirt nadia denim skirt

parker hotel white crop top nadia aboulhosn 70s 70s looks


“You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well try what you do want.” ― Jim Carrey

This double layered Puma jacket is everything. Muted details really make it unique compared to all the other active outwear I have. Two years ago I got a pair of silver shoes from ASOS and since then I've been wanting another pair and found these at Puma. They come in matte pink and matte blue too. Also, can I have everything from the Puma x Fenty collab. So poppin.

Puma layered jacket
Puma 5 panel hat
Puma long leggings
Puma matte & shine sneakers
aboulhosn nadia puma

puma shoes puma nadia puma nadia aboulhosn puma hat

Target Swim

My love for Target has always been unconditional. I had the pleasure of spending a few days with them in Palm Springs for a press day to go over the new trends in their swim and resort collections. I had such an amazing time. The first night we all got together and had a bonfire at the The Parker hotel where we were staying at. The premises were absolutely gorgeous. Every single area was picture worthy. I caught up on some sleep and the next morning we gathered for a light hike at Indian Canyons. After that, we went straight to this stunning house to see Target's swim and resort looks. Fun fact: the house we were in for the day was Leonardo DiCaprio's Palm Springs home. No big deal, I was just hysterical the entire time expressing my love for him to all of the other bloggers there. haha. I already have an obsession with Target but when I saw their four new collections, I needed so much from each one. This year the key trends they focus on were Stars and Stripes, Boho, Tropical/Tribal, and Sport. Each collection was complete opposite of each other, which I love because it just shows the versatility.

When I wore the stars and stripes bathing suit, I literally couldn't stop walking around saying 'Merica. One of my favorite trends is obviously boho. I wore this beautiful crochet overlay with tie up flats. I'm a fan of high waisted two-piece bathing suits and they have the perfect teal and pink set in their tropical collection. But I will say, I found myself hovering around their looks for sport. I shot a picture of a pair of platform sneakers they have out that I need to wear all of this Summer. You guys have to check out Target's swim collections. My favorite swimsuit that I wore was the printed one piece suit. I usually stick to basic neutrals but the bathing suit had such bright colors against black so I was super drawn to it.

Oversized sunglasses
Crochet cover dress
Lace up sandals
Printed one piece bathing suit
Denim jean shorts
Tropical Swimsuit Top
Tropical Swimsuit Bottom
Short denim overalls
American flag swimsuit top
American flag swimsuit bottom
white baseball cap
white platform shoes

IMG_1858 (1)


IMG_1949 9I5A4362 crochet kimono 9I5A4404 two piece tropical teal swim jean overalls american flag bathing suit short overalls american flag swimsuit


"If you want life to change, you have to change. If you want life to be better, you have to get better. This could be the greatest time you ever lived if you control what you focus on and find a more empowering meaning. Progress comes when you tell yourself the truth and you're able to feel the uncertainty and take the action any way. What you and I focus on massively affects how we feel. If you want to thrive you have to focus on what you can control, you have to focus on the difference you can make and what's already in your life that you're grateful for." -Tony Robbins

I'm inspired and always have been from anything 90's. One of my biggest obsessions is eyelets. I included them in some of the pieces I designed for my next collection with Addition Elle that's coming on this Fall. I've had this ASOS dress sitting in my closet since last Summer and kept telling myself to wear it but not sure why I've been putting it off because I don't want to ever take it off my body. I put together some of my favorite pieces right now with eyelets on them!

ASOS black eyelet dress (similar)
Steve Madden strap heels
MAC Ruby Woo lipstick
90s dress nadia

eyelet maxi dress nadia aboulhosn eyelet dress nadia aboulhosn asos dress black maxi dress nadia aboulhosn

Women's Running Cover Magazine

Wait...this just happened! My first magazine cover is Women's Running Magazine. I can't even believe it's real but thankfully is, for so many reasons. I've been working incredibly hard for five years to feel like I have sort of accomplished something since I can be my own worst critic at times. I always feel unaccomplished, mainly because I want to achieve so much in my time here. The magazine is definitely a milestone in my career. I've had such a huge outpour of support and I couldn't thank you guys enough. There's always this issue that people assume you live an unhealthy lifestyle based solely off of your size. Throughout the years of me blogging and putting myself out there for people to see and hopefully try to shift this society that thinks only one type of beautiful is beautiful, there were people along the way criticizing saying myself and other bloggers promoted an unhealthy lifestyle based on how we looked. Regardless of what people say, this magazine cover is important. It's important because in the media and industry, a lot of women don't have something they can relate to. The more diversity there is in main stream media, on TV, on and in magazines, the more normal it will be to see all women as beautiful and considered "normal" by societies eyes. People have different opinions. For instance when we speak about the term plus size, I don't necessarily use the term “plus size” because it creates a binary where one type of body is considered “normal” or “standard,” and anyone who is bigger than that is considered not normal.

The separation between straight and plus size can leave some women feeling outcasted from society even more than they already are because they look at the women on the front of magazines or modeling in campaigns and say this woman doesn't resemble my current body, or they say "I can't relate to this." They want to feel like that could be them without being considered as different. Especially when the only section in clothing stores they have are in the far back near the clearance rack. In my ideal world, there wouldn't be a separate section, there would just be larger sizes in everything the "straight" size clothes came in. On the other end, the term plus size can empower someone and make them feel like they're a part of something rather than feel excluded. Labels differ between everyone. Some people can feel frustrated with labels and some people can feel a sense of belonging. It really depends on the individual. The main point I'm getting across here is no matter what you call or label it, we need diversity in main stream media. Not only with body type but ethnicities as well. It needs to be normal and not shocking to see different body types every where in main stream. We see them daily on the streets, why can't we see them in this industry? I hope this April issue helps you with whatever you struggle with about yourself. Focus on your inner strength. Check out some of the articles that featured the cover or I interviewed with.

Cosmopolitan Magazine
Teen Vogue
People Magazine
Daily Mail

FC_WomensRunning_USA_0416 TOC_0416-1


Mesh Activewear

"When you don't know what to do, get still until you do know. Nobody else knows but you." -Oprah

I just got back to LA from Florida after being there a week to see family. As soon as I got back, I packed for a trip to Palm Springs for a few press days with Target. I'll have more details and pictures this week! On another note, the hotel here has it's own gym so I threw on this F21 set. There's nothing I love more than activewear that's comfortable and cute at the same time. The best part I love about sneakers is that my foot is so small that I'm able to wear women's sizes and boys sizes. I'm a 5.5 Youth and 7 in Women so I always have a greater selection to choose from.

F21 black capri leggings
Nike women's huarache
F21 mesh bra top
forever 21 sports bra

nadia aboulhosn forever 21 nadia f21

A Pair of Miu Mius

“Never confuse motion with action.” -Ben Franklin

I picked this outfit out almost five months ago when I flew to NY to decorate a section of the Sunglass Hut store in Soho. It was on a mannequin for almost three months and glad it's finally on my body. haha.

knit sweater dress
Jessica Simpson claudette heels
wooden clutch similar
Miu Miu sunglasses
spring outfit nadia


miu miu sunglasses cream sweater dress knit sweater nadia jessica simpson heels

Paper Magazine x Nadia Aboulhosn

Last month I met Michelle Zei at a bakery in Los Angeles to be interviewed for Paper Magazine. It's always pretty tricky interviewing me. Depending on my mood, you'll get a blunt Nadia or a more filtered Nadia. When I sat down with Paper, I was definitely blunt. I'm exhausted with the industry at times. I've always been in-between what is labeled straight and plus size so I'm sort of boxed in to a category. I hate being boxed in. I'm so much more than what ever the industry labels me because they don't know how to group me. Maybe I can't be grouped. Anyways, check out the article by click HERE!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 2.21.27 AM

Skin Tight

Why do people not want me to be me? Please avoid trying to talk me out of being me in the future. Growing and learning but not being told to stop." -Kanye

Sorry for my absence. I have been working super hard on launching my new app that's available on apple. It's available for iPhone and android users but for the moment, only iPhone users can download the exclusive content that's .99 cents a month. I'm still working on it for android! I also have been traveling to and from for photo shoots and to see family. I just got back from London and am currently in Florida visiting the family, which is much needed. I can't stop wearing this oversized denim jacket I got from Target a few weeks back.

Downtown Virgo basic catsuit
ADIDAS gazelle shoes
Target light denim jacket similar blue sunglasses
white baseball cap
MAC lipstick Verve color denim jacket white hat nadia denim grey jumpsuit grey and denim grey jumpsuit nadia