Summer Sixteen

2/01/2016 | Best Blogger Tips
"I will go anywhere as long as it’s forward." -David Livingston

This whole week I have been in between managing the pain in my lower left jaw from my wisdom teeth coming in (I have 5 total, very rare, I know) and coming up with content to launch my new app. Yup, I've been working this past month on revamping my app. Next week I'll explain it more in detail but I'm excited because I've been working hard.

Missguided sheer duster
black furry heels (similar)
black nylon shorts
black lace strap bra
Sheer pantyhose
Thirty Nine7 black lace choker

nadia aboulhosn black dress

missguided sheer duster black v dress furry heels nadia aboulhosn nadia blogger black lace choker nadia


  1. You look hands down incredible. These pictures tho.

    Rachel |

  2. So elegant! So chíc! So majestic! Definitely in top 5 favorite shoots <3

  3. you look amazing! gorgeus photos!



  4. One of the most articles that I love after reading your blog. Can feel the sense of elegance and feminine style through the clothes as well.

    Khanh | Best shoes for women 2016