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"There are no secret formulas for success in anything. Work hard, be nice to people, study your craft, and stay true to who you are." -Unknown

I never treat myself often or really do Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales but this last Cyber Monday I went on Missguided and bought these boots that I won't stop obsessing over. When I use to be a teenager, I would get Jordans and just keep them in the box in fear of messing them up so I never ended up really wearing them. It's the same with these ruched boots. I've had them in my closet almost 2 months just trying them on in front of the mirror only. They're everything. I've even been contemplating getting an extra back up pair. Anyways, I decided to wear a Dipset coaches jacket with heels because I use to only listen to Cam and them when I was growing up. I figured I could wear it with sneakers but was like let me switch it up this time.

Shop Jeen Diplomats coach jacket
Missguided ruched ankle boots
ASOS black leggings
double black choker
nadia aboulhosn la

black leggings black choker nadia aboulhosn boots nadia aboilhosn diplomats nadia aboulhosn walk



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