A Real One

"It’s not about money or connections—it’s the willingness to out work and outlearn everyone...And if it fails, you learn from what happened and do a better job next time." -Mark Cuban

I'm finally settled in and couldn't be happier. Well, I technically could be if my family and boyfriend lived next door but happy work wise. Everything in my closet is hung up and I'm organized so I'm relieved. Mainly because I'm finally able to have a schedule now, wake up, work, emails, do phone calls, take pictures. Before when I didn't have a solid place I was mentally everywhere. Well I'm back to my every other day posts so hope you love!

Fashion Nova cut out dress
Steve Madden ankle strap heels

9I5A1888 copy

9I5A1916 9I5A1919 copy 9I5A2016 9I5A1908


  1. Can't wait to see all the work you'll get done and the blog posts! So ready to be inspired by you mama!

    Lilas ♡

  2. <3 so amazing.


  3. This is so cute. It very similar to the Versace dress.


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