Joy Worth Giving

I don't only wait until Christmas time to let the people I love know that I love them, but I always love giving gifts to show my appreciation. This year I teamed up with JCPenney to make one of my favorite people happy during this holiday season.

I met Shevah when I was 19 when we both worked at the same tiny Middle Eastern restaurant in the mall food court. We actually decided to start blogging together and taking pictures of each other since we both had a love for fashion. I remember how we couldn't really afford much back then because we were working and going to college full time. We would go shopping at thrift stores and then before we went into work, we would hit the sale rack at JCPenney. They've always had amazing prices and their sale items were even better. They even have lowest price guarantee now with an extra 5% off.

Over the years, eight years to be exact, Shevah has still been one of my biggest support systems. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather bless this holiday season. #JoyWorthGiving to me means being able to give to someone who has given so much to you, even if it's not a tangible item. I love that JCPenney has fashion, jewelry, make up, but what I really wanted to get Shevah was home decor. She's moving in to a new place and is currently getting her Master's Degree in Art Therapy so when she gets downtime, she likes being in her room. I think it's important to be able to go home to a place that's comfortable. I love walking in JCPenney and seeing the display beds and sheets. I'm always tempted to lay on them. I picked out this floral bed set that goes perfect with her room. We both have a candle obsession but I've now been into wax melts because it's everything. Check out my Holiday Gift Guide below in the slider!

JCPenney Home Expressions 10-pc Comforter Set
JCPenney candle selections
home decor 9I5A4629 bed spread JCP candles

Black Jeans Red Coat

I'm back in LA full time now. I decided I need to be here for a few years for work. I haven't been blogging as much or really on social media because moving and looking for a place is an entire process. Oh and also because I'm finally almost finished with the release of my own Nadia Aboulhosn collection that'll be here early January. On another note, a few months back I shot with Good American. I love there jeans. My next post I'll put up some images, video, and a look at my favorite pieces.

GOOD AMERICAN black jeans
thrifted red trench coat (similar)
long sleve ALIFE shirt (similar)

nadia goodamerican jeans nadia alife oversized red coat goodamerican nadia aboulhosn red lipstick nadia good american black jeans


On Instagram the other day I put up a picture of JR and I in Mexico. I think back to all the times we've traveled together over the past year and how grateful I am to be able to see the world, especially with him. This was the first day we actually explored in Iceland. I thought we were just going to drive around. False. We ended up getting out at two major waterfalls, Skógafoss waterfall being the main one we climbed up. There were sheep I'd baby talk to the walk up. The views were breathtaking. It doesn't seem real when you're there and no picture does it justice. We were hoping to see the Northern Lights, it's one of the main things I want to see before I die. With our luck of course, we flew back home and five days after they showed so we missed out. I keep telling myself I'll see them when I travel to Alaska one day.

olive green creepers
topshop MOTO jeans
Forever 21 oversized sweater
nadia aboulhosn white hair

turtle neck sweater nadia neutral color outfits olive green creepers travel iceland

What's It Gonna Be?

I'm channeling my inner Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott in this Lord & Taylor silver oversized bubble vest. I got it a size larger to fit me big and of course wore it with some matching silver Steve Madden heels. I remember growing up and being so heavily influenced by Busta Rhymes and Missy. They were so different from everyone else out at the time and truly were themselves despite people's thoughts. I couldn't take my eyes off the tv when I saw Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson's music video for What's It Gonna Be? I had no idea back then what the song really meant but I knew I needed to start wearing metallics more often. haha.

Ralph Lauren silver bubble vest
Ralph Lauren stretch leggings
Steve Madden silver heels
Ralph Lauren zip shoulder top
drop earrings (similar)

nadia aboulhosn silver

silver heels silver bubble vest silver vest nadia aboulhosn lord & taylor


Right after fashion week in September, I took a trip to Iceland. For some reason I had this urge to go there. Junior and I like taking a week or so a few times out of the year to go some place we've never been before. I think you learn a lot about your partner and a lot about yourself when you travel. It makes you understand just how big the world is and how small you are in it. It humbles me every time. I'm so fortunate to be able to see the world, not only through working but leisure time too. More pictures of Iceland are on the way so keep an eye out! nadia oversized hoodie

nadia aboulhosn northface hoodie IMG_2536 iceland iceland balcony iceland airbnb wood cabin

Beautycon NYC 2016

At Beautycon, one girl took the microphone to solely ask me a question. She said she had been following me since the beginning of my career and said she's seen me evolve and have so much success. She asked me how did I keep going when so many brands said no to me along the way. What kept me going and how did I do it basically. There was such a time limit that I wasn't able to answer elaborately. My detailed answer is I saw a vision for me and my life. It was bigger than what most people thought I was capable of. I, in a way, had to convince these brands I was worth it, even though I already knew I was. When I want something, I work really really hard to get it and I'm very persistent. No one could tell me no and make me fully give up on what I want for myself and my future. Every time something got rough I would remind myself of how far I've already come, what was the point of working so hard this far to just throw it all away?

Wearing: Public Desire thigh high boots
Marc Jacobs mens shirt
light wash denim jacket
Oversized hoop earrings
Distressed denim shorts


There were some brands that said I wasn't wholesome enough, or I was too street style, or I was too big, or too blunt, or whatever. But I always told myself if one brand doesn't want to work with me, there will always be someone who does. I told myself all of this is happening for a reason. One day I'll be able to look back and see why this was happening. Every single thing any of us do in life, is just another step for what's next to come. If it was a set back for me, I learned from it and used it to my advantage next time around. I would take negative situations and find the positives in them. I never wanted to play the victim. There were brands out there that wouldn't even respond to me, but when I got one response back, I put my all in to it and built relationships with them.


I kept going because there were more reasons to keep going than to give up. I wanted to be here on this Earth for a purpose bigger than myself. I want to be able to help people in any way possible. Having a job that I can help people feel good about themselves is incredibly rewarding. I wanted to change how the world perceives what is beautiful and not. I want to be financially stable because I was tired of wondering if I'll be evicted or not. I wanted to provide for my parents who had already given so much to me in my 20 something years here. I saw something in me that not a lot of people could recognize.

611807570 671908769EH00039_3rd_Annual

Ruby Red

I love writing for The Cut. It's another platform for me to express myself, just in a bigger way. I recently moderated a conversation with 9 other curvy models about some of the issues they face in the fashion industry. We also spoke about what "perfect" really means to them. You guys can check out all of the other model's photos and watch the videos over at The Cut! I had such an amazing time with these beautiful, driven models. I saw how many similar frustrations we all face but we all had a bigger picture goal in mind.

Check it out HERE!


Gwynnie Bee

A few months ago I flew to New York to team up with Gwynnie Bee. I really enjoyed making these videos with them because I'm all for women really stepping out of their comfort zones, especially with clothes. I always chose to wear things I felt like I couldn't pull off. It was a way of convincing myself and building confidence. I really believe you can pull off anything you set your mind to. The team at Gwynnie Bee was really just so amazing and it was great working with Sasha who is such a beam of light.

Cubicle to Cocktail
I mentioned this a few previous posts ago on how easy it can be to transition a look from day to night or from work to going out, in other words, Cubicle to Cocktail. I was telling the Gwynnie Bee team how much I love the fact that they carry so many different brands because it gives such a variety to choose from. The more there is to choose from, the more there is for every type of girl. I've always said I dress according to how I feel that day. There's so many women out there with so many different styles and personalities so it's important there's a place for them all to go to have that. I found this gorgeous red dress that goes super easy from day to night. I paired it with some ALDO ankle strap heels. Check out the video on Gwynnie Bee!

Prints & Patterns
I think it's exciting to experiment with prints and patterns. Over the years I've become very minimal so it's always fun to go back sometimes. If you're a little scared to try them at first, do what I did and match your shoes with a subtle color from your look. I chose to wear a deeper pink to pull out the pattern instead of a pale pink which was the color of my top. I like getting tops oversized and wearing them as dresses. Check out the video at Gwynnie Bee!

Dressing for Your Body
If anyone knows me they know that I literally wear and style things however I want without really any rules. I do think there are certain looks that can accentuate different bodies. I talk to Sasha about how I'm more bottom heavy so I like cinching my waist or bringing attention to my favorite body parts, like my butt and legs. Check out the video over at Gwynnie Bee!

Fitting Undergarments
I know many women ask me how to fit bras and shapewear, although I don't want any shapewear and barely even wear bras, Gwynnie Bee did this super informational video that is definitely needed. I hope this video will answer all of your questions! Check out the video at Gwynnie Bee!

NYFW 2016

My fashion week this time was an entirely different experience for me in comparison to my past ones. I mentioned it briefly in my most recent article which you can read over at The Cut. I'm not sure how to even explain how it felt seeing pieces of my Addition Elle line walk down a NYFW runway. I felt proud, excited, slightly nervous, grateful. Before the show, my best friend Shevah was carrying my phone and she's like your mom texted you. I'm like if it's something nice, then don't tell me because I can't cry right now, I have interviews to do and people to be in front of. I couldn't help myself and ended up reading it and all it said was "Shine bright, I know you will." Boom...immediately started tearing up in the bathroom minutes before the show. I look back and reflect a lot. It helps put things in perspective for me.

You guys can shop my collection below at Addition Elle, Lord & Taylor, and Nordstrom.

Wearing: Nadia Aboulhosn for Addition Elle black mesh dress

nadia aboulhosn nyfw

605729182 nyfw nadia aboulhosn silver hair nadia 605719442 605719430 605719354

From Day to Night

I make it a point to buy clothes that most of the time are transitional, especially when I'm traveling and have to pack light. I got the cutest khaki double slit dress from JCPenney. It gives me a 90's vibe with the slits and arm eyelet detail but still a modern feel. I remember shopping at JCP with my mom when I was a kid. They were one of the only places I remember having a junior section that had so many fashionable pieces. It's crazy to think how many years have gone by and how they're still just as on trend except obviously more modern since fashion is constantly changing. Then I remember when I first started fashion blogging, I couldn't really afford much because I was working full time and going to college full time. I would usually purchase my clothes from thrift shops and then me and my best friend Shevah decided to go inside of JCP. We literally checked the sale rack and I got some of the cutest pumps, that I still wear today. They have a ton of cute versatile dresses like this one I'm wearing. I put my favorite JCP dresses below in the slide bar. I wanted to show you guys how easy it is to take a dress from day to night or switch up the look for different personalities.

For my day look, I threw on a pair of comfy creepers that are monochrome with my JCPenney bodycon dress. I grabbed some gold oversized hoop earrings to play off the gold eyelet hardware around the sleeve hem. Now that my hair is a little shorter, I do a cute half bun and call it a day.

For my nighttime look, I wore the same khaki JCPenney dress but this time I threw on a structured moto jacket with a dark lip. Most of the time when I'm out at night, especially for dinner dates, I put on a dope pair of heels. Instead of wearing monochrome creepers, I chose a pair of black and snake print lace-up heels. I'm not that big into print so I like doing it with shoes. The good thing about both looks is you can wear them virtually anywhere. You can take off the dark lip and do a brownish nude lip to keep it neutral too. I'd literally wear both looks to meetings and work. #SoWorthIt

JCPenney moto jacket
JCPenney khaki bodycon dress khaki bodycon

khaki creepers bodycon khaki dress nadia aboulhosn khaki dress

sponsored by JCPENNEY

Color block & Fur

On a normal day I'm either wearing jeans or some sort of shift dress, mainly because they're so comfortable. I got this one from Macy's, it's by Alfani. Six or seven years ago when I first started blogging, I was heavy in to color blocking. I think my desire for it comes from the late 80's when black and red together with gold was such a statement. Also all of October I plan on wearing as many furry things as possible whether it's heels, a purse, or clothing item.

Macy's Alfani shift dress
Steve Madden furry heels 9I5A2336


Fall 2016

Ahhhh! It's finally here! My 2nd collection I did with Addition Elle is now live. It's available in the United States and Canada but Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor will be selling it soon online and some in-store locations start mid-October. I was really inspired by the 90's for this collection. I wanted to incorporate eyelet hardware and mesh. My favorite pieces are the oversized denim jacket and the sheer bodysuit that comes in nude and black. I did a quick interview talking about what inspired me for this collection, you can read it over at The Huffington Post.You can also check out the feature Instyle Magazine did on me!


Just a heads up that if anything is sold out online at Addition Elle, that you can find them at Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor so be sure to check them out too! So happy to share this again with you guys. Nothing feels better than creating and seeing people wear looks and feel amazing in them. xo

Mesh Bodysuit & Oversized Denim Jacket nadia aboulhosn addition elle nadia aboulhosn black denim
Lace-Up Jeans & Fanny Pack tie up jeans nadia aboulhosn
Patterned Tunic nadia pattern dress nadia tunic
Mesh Panel Jumpsuit nadia aboulhosn addition elle 1 black jumpsuit
Long Sleeve Mesh Dress nadia aboulhosn
High Low Top nadia addition elle
Eyelet Crop Top
eyelet crop top nadia
Cold Shoulder Dress
nadia a cutout dress