Tie-Up Bodysuit

"As a society, we're so focused on instantaneous gratification that our short term solutions often become long-term problems." -Tony Robbins

I've come to the conclusion that I like most of my pictures now shot in parking lots. I guess because I'm always going somewhere and there's always good lighting. Either way I wore these super comfy stretch skinny jeans from ASOS that feel more like jeggings but they're not because they have pockets. This top I'm pretty sure this is suppose to be a bodysuit but I was on the way to the beach here and just took off my jeans and used it as a swimsuit too. I love Sirene Libre NYC. She has such dope stuff.

Wearing: Adidas Original Slides
ASOS skinny ripped jeans
Sirene NYC black tie up bodysuit
Clubmaster folding Ray Ban Sunglasses
IMG_5635 copy

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