Camo & a Bomber Jacket

"Love merges two minds together and so the first thing love does is humbles you. It reminds you you’re not in control of your own passions. It decenters the self. Egotism is desperate longing in a small space. Love realizes the center of his life is not inside himself, it’s in another person. When you're in love, it eliminates the distinction between giving and receiving. When you give to the person you love, you're giving to a piece of yourself. So it's actually more fun to give than receive." -Michel de Montaigne & David Brooks

I flew to New York for 2 weeks for some casting calls and shoots. I've been staying with my sister out here and celebrated her birthday at Benihana. It was fun. I forgot what 40 degree weather felt like. Although I slightly miss living here, I definitely don't miss this weather. I will say it has been pretty sunny. I have a week left and am excited just to wear my bomber jackets that I have in various colors.

Olive Green Bomber Jacket
Topshop Grey Moto Jeans
Grey Hanes t-shirt
Camo Nike Roshe Run





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