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I flew to NY early October to launch my collection at Lord & Taylor's flagship store but before I arrived, I stopped by Yahoo News and did an interview with them. I speak on how bloggers, whether they have a small or large audience has influenced the fashion industry and touch tons of people when it comes to body acceptance. I'm so thankful to have a career that I can reach so many people and change how they feel about themselves just by being myself. We spoke about the term plus size and how I feel about it. I'm very much about making people feel like they belong to something as a whole instead of just labeling themselves one thing. I can understand why the industry labels and I've been saying this for the past five years I've been blogging. I don't consider myself a plus size model, a plus size designer, a plus size blogger. I'm a model, a designer, and a blogger. Period. No specifics needed. I think the bigger picture here isn't labeling, hashtags, or "movements", it's doing actual actions that speak in numbers to the point it becomes every day life. I want to design for every size. I want everyone to feel like they can relate to me in some aspect. Not just my size. I've gotten countless comments from women and men of all sizes that say I've helped them become a little braver. I've had anorexic women write me that they're a size 0 and I helped them feel confident because my size isn't the normal beauty standard and if I'm brave then they can be too. I don't want them to feel like they can't relate to me because of a label. If you're fashionable, you're fashionable. I'm not different from a runway model who is a size 0. We NEED diversity in this industry including size 0, including size 18. We need different ethnicities in this industry. We need diversity in general in mainstream media for everyone to feel like it is okay to be their genuine selves. I'll always truly believe the term plus size separates us rather than brings us together. It's not us versus them, it's all of us in this to bring what is classified as "normal" to be everything. I'm a person, just like them, who is in the fashion industry. I want everyone to feel comfortable and love themselves, I don't feel a label is needed to do that. I'm thrilled the other women in this video agree with me. Thank you to Yahoo News, Kaye, and Katie Couric for having me be a part of this. Thank you also to everyone in this industry that is helping brands and people to expand their views and open their minds to a different kind of beauty in society.


  1. Nadia, being a thick ethnic girl, I was drawn to you and your story. Ive been fat for basically my whole life and have been stuck in the plus size section and it makes me sick. I hate buying new clothes, I hate trying things on because I'm never happy with the way I look. But I just wanted you to know that I've been working out a lot and feelin myself more because of brave and strong women like you and Tess. I feel like I know you guys because I look forward to your snaps and posts. You probably won't get this, but I just wanted to show you some love and let you know how much you inspire girls like me. I wish I had your confidence! Love you Nadia! Please keep doing you and uplifting girls like me around the world! You are appreciated! ❤️❤️

  2. I just have a single thing to say: THANK YOU!!



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