"I am an inventor. I am an innovator. It's fine for other people to proliferate on an idea, but I get excited by the idea-I get excited by ideas. Not by responsibility." - Kanye

The month of September was super packed for me. I was flying everywhere with no rest. I flew to Toronto and released my capsule collection with Addition Elle. I then did my meet and greet, took a red eye flight, landed in London, and went straight to an event from there. I probably didn't sleep more than 2 hours in 2 days. My schedule was completely booked, even in my downtime I was working. I got an email from a photographer asking to shoot me while I was in London. I often get emails like this but am just so drained and take so many pictures for work and for my blog that I'm usually over taking pictures. I usually get hit up by men to shoot but when I saw it was a woman that hit me up, I'm like oh..wait, let me see real quick. Not a lot of women hit me up to shoot so I was intrigued. I checked out Misha's pictures out and they were stunning so I'm like I have to work this girl in my schedule. The night before I was at a dinner and looked over at Tom, who does Evans clothing's PR and I'm like I want to shoot with this amazing girl tomorrow between a meeting and event. I don't have any clothes to shoot in. Can we go to Evans in the morning before it opens and pull clothes. He's like "let me make some phone calls." Ten minutes later he comes back in the room and is like DONE! I'll take a cab to your hotel, get you in the morning, and pull whatever you want. Morning time comes around and he texts me he's on his way and I get up to get ready and suddenly feel unbearably sick. I'm throwing up back to back and text Tom like there's no way I can leave right now. I feel too ill. You're going to have to pull whatever for me. He's like you got it. Not only does he bring me the clothes but he brings me medicine and crackers because I couldn't keep any food down. I laid back in bed and waited until I had a 9am meeting with one of the girls from Boohoo. I literally went downstairs in slides, sweatpants, no hair or make up done, wearing my glasses. I'm like I'm so sorry I had to still make this meeting happen but I'm super sick haha. After our meeting I showered, pulled myself together, and Misha showed up. We literally shot everything in an hour because I had to get ready to leave for an event. I had just gotten out the shower and we just shot whatever around my hotel room. This shoot is one of my favorites not only because I love when women team up together, not only because Misha is super amazing and has such a good eye, but because it was so intimate. I want to say thank you to Misha, you're so super talented and I can't wait to work with you again. Thank you Evans Clothing for providing everything, especially Tom, you're the best.

Evans grey knitted hoodie
grey baseball cap
white bath robe
black sports bra
black leggings
Evans white blouse
white pants
Evans jean jacket
Evans rain coat
IMG_5861 shaving pic IMG_6089ed IMG_6579ed IMG_6264ed IMG_6443ed IMG_6367ed IMG_5978edgrain2 IMG_6343ed IMG_6544ed IMG_6405ed IMG_6088edgrsmall


  1. Love these photos, there's a very calm atmosphere about them.

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. I love how chill yet amazing this shoot is! ♥♥♥

  3. Awesome!! I love when women team up together too!! All the photos look great!! Hope you feel better :)

  4. Gorgeous!

    With love from Russia! x

  5. the pictures turned out lovely! I love how everything has come together for you!
    Cookies, Chaos & C'est la Vie

  6. For someone who was feeling ill, you look amazing and the pictures came out lovely! You are truly inspiring and an example of what hard work and dedication can do. Out of all the photos you shot with Misha, which one was your favorite?

  7. I love these, keep going! xx

  8. These shots are so natural and effortless. Love! xxx



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