"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach." -Tony Robbins

I shot these pictures when I was lounging around on the porch of my cabana in Caye Caluker, Belize. The place I was staying had a pool directly in front of it which was amazing because the humidity there is outrageous. Every day I'd ride a bike to a market close by, get food and cook. It was nice to take a few days to lounge around. A couple of months back I went and bought a packet to start tie-dying clothes but still have it at the top of my closet just sitting there. I went to boohoo and got a tie dye maxi dress for this trip instead.

boohoo maxi tie dye dress

tie dye dress belize maxi dress nadia boohoo lace maxi dress


  1. I love the back of this maxi dress! It's so open and the straps really give you something to look at along with the actual design of the fabric. Great look!

    Daily Opulence |

  2. Lovely photos!

    - Seyra x



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