Fuck Boy Free

"Excellence is the bare minimum" -Kanye West

AHHHH. I'm back in Florida and can't explain how happy I am to be back. I feel inspired all over again. I finally got everything in it's proper place, my closet is set up and I picked out probably 15 dope outfits in a matter of 30 minutes. I'm ready to put in work. I'm ready to get my old work ethic back. Also, thank all the higher powers for Shop Jeen making the fuckboy free windbreaker. If I could wear this every day of my life I would. I was sitting here thinking earlier today like, I'm ready to deliver the best product possible. Not just for myself but for all of the people I'm able to inspire.

Shop Jeen Fuck Boy Free jacket
black sports bra
HM sweat shorts
black and grey Nike Huaraches
huaraches fuck boy fuck boy repellant activewear nadia shop jeen nadia aboulhosn jeep wrangler


  1. awww shoot! glad to see you back in your home state! stylin as always!

  2. Jesus Christ I need that jacket. That's incredible.

    Hell yeah, girl, time to kill it. You are awesome.


  3. That jacket is dope and now on my wishlist. Excited to be seeing you blogging more soon!!


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