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7/29/2015 | Best Blogger Tips
"It is crazy and delusional before it comes into fruition. You always see the end goal, everything else is filling the blanks" -Kanye West

I have an addiction to jumpsuits mainly because they feel like giant onesies except more fashionable. I love this one from Nordstrom's Encore department that's Ralph Lauren. I always have issues with some clothes being too long for me because I'm only 5 foot 3 inches but the bottom of this jumpsuit has strings to tie up higher.

Nordstrom Ralph Lauren jumpsuit
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  1. Love this total black look! :)

    Lilas ♡


  2. i have the same problem with clothes, I'm 5'2 but this jumpsuit looks great tanks to that little detail!

    The Color Palette

  3. do not look 5'3! I'm the same height and i look so tiny in my pictures! I have to find a way to elongate myself like you have done here! Absolutely fabulous!

  4. Effortlessly chic as usual and I'm loving the Drake reference haha.