Active Wear

Ahhhh. Working out. The thing I hate doing most but love the result and how it makes me feel. I use to be really active through my teenage years. I was the only girl on the Freshman football team at my high school. I use to power clean, weight lift, bench press, suicide rounds, mile runs, all of that. Now that my schedule is so hectic, I have to find time to really get my workouts in. I'm currently in LA visiting my best friend Shevah for two weeks. I'm mainly here for her but made sure I had some shoots and meetings while here because I can never fully have a vacation. I told her I wanted to hike every other day while there. My workout routine is probably one of the top questions I get daily so I'm going to make it a point to start doing more workout posts. I have to add, people always ask "how do you not have any cellulite?" I definitely do have cellulite, I don't have a ton of it but it's definitely there. All I know is it's probably genetic that I don't have a lot for the kind of legs I have. I also like wearing as little clothes as possible when I work out. For example, this Addition Elle 2 piece set which comes out in a month.

Hiking is new to me because I'm originally from Florida where there are no hills. I've come to the conclusion that my favorite part of hiking is talking to all the dogs walking by and having their owners look at me like I'm crazy. I also busted my ass like 4 times, as you can see the skid marks on my shins. Running up mountains full speed with wood chips on the ground is not a good idea. I tried being cute and having my hair halfway up for these pictures and then I got really out of breath and sweaty so I decided to put it all the way up and stop bullshitting. Cali's mountains are really pretty though. They remind me of my trip to Greece.

Okay so usually what I do is 30 minutes of straight cardio every other day. For this day in particular, I jogged 15 minutes straight, then did crossovers and side-to-sides. Crossovers are when you're running sideways but cross each foot over the other while twisting your upper body. Side-to-sides are when you run/hop sideways and your heels meet and separate. After that I power walked for 15 more minutes. Every morning I wake up and stretch so when I get to the gym I'm already stretched out. I always do a follow up stretch after I'm done working out to cool down and not stop abruptly. I advise not going to workout with your best friend because you'll already be out of breath from working out but also out of breath from laughing hysterically at the sounds effects they make while you work out.

Wearing: Additon Elle 2-piece workout set, Nike Roshe Run shoes