Get Right

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” ― Steve Maraboli

I haven't been on social media as much because just last week I had a concussion. My overworking and stress got the best of me, I felt lightheaded at a doctors appointment, went to walk out to get some fresh air and then blacked out. Once I hit the floor I busted my head open. My sister said my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and after about 60 seconds I woke up. Nurses were standing over me asking if I knew who I was or where I was at. After I said my name was Nadia, I felt a throbbing pain in the back of my head so I slowly reached for it and noticed I was bleeding and had a huge lump. They quickly called an ambulance. Shout out to the EMTs who carried me down 2 flights of stairs since the elevator was out, you're the real MVPs. My mom flew up from Florida to baby me back to recovery. I was incredibly sick the first 2 mornings. Nausea, dizziness, my eyes wouldn't focus on anything unless I tried really hard, I couldn't keep any food down. I was a mess but thankfully, a full week later, I'm feeling better now. You never realize how important your health is until something major happens. I promised myself when I was in the hospital that whatever I'm doing now health wise, I'd try my hardest to do better. Which comes to my detox routines.

I get countless comments, emails, and messages about what I do to stay healthy and active. One of these days I swear I'll post about my workout routines because the messages are overwhelming for my regiments. The older I get, the more I pay attention to my health and what my body is telling me. I was able to eat whatever I wanted when I was a teen and still have endless amounts of energy. For the past few years I made it a point to detox every season to rejuvenate and cleanse my body, especially after Thanksgiving and Christmas pass. I get reckless with the yams and pies. I usually do a juice cleanse for 3-5 days where I don't eat anything throughout the cleanse. It seems harsh but believe it or not, the nutrients in the juice that is all organic makes you full with tons of energy. This time I'm trying a 14 day tea-tox tea. You can still eat but all you have to do is drink a cup of it in the morning time and a cup a night. This is my second day and I'm already feeling less bloated. Cleaning always gives me a boost of energy and in these 2 days I already feel a difference. Favorite thing of all is how clear my skin looks and feels. I promise I'll keep you guys updated after the rest of my 12 days. I can't wait to finally get right. Also, me and Ace sit and stare at things outside my apartment every morning.


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  1. Hey Nadia! How did the cleanse go? I was thinking about getting it for myself so I wanted to know if it worked for you and if there were any lasting results.




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