Cyber Monday - Fall Esstentials

I've always been a bigger fan of Cyber Monday over Black Friday. Probably because I loathe being around a massive amount of people scurrying to get what they want while it's still there but mainly because I can buy things half price while laying in bed naked. Bright and early Monday morning I plan on buying a pair of Nike ACG snow boots because unfortunately, I don't live in LA or Florida. I also plan on spending a massive amount at ASOS and Nastygal just because. I have so many Fall/Winter essentials but I'm narrowing it down today to turtle necks, fluffy scarves, and gloves.

Scarves/stoles because this is the first year I'm obsessing over them (especially furry ones)

Turtle necks to keep you warm during this evil weather

Gloves even though I can't use my iPhone unless I get those special ones

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